10 Nearly Perfect Movies With a 99% Score on Rotten Tomatoes

Some may well say that there are no ideal motion pictures, but there are some outstanding couple of that come exceptionally close. On the overview aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, there are some motion pictures that have been positively reviewed by practically all authorized critics, acquiring the uncommon however coveted achievement of holding a 99% approval rating on the internet site.



Some of these are viewed as amongst the extremely finest films of all time, like Casablanca, though other folks are contemporary classics loved by practically any one who sees them, like Paddington 2. What they all have in frequent is that nearly all critics believed they had been worthy of the utmost praise. Few motion pictures are in a position to confidently say that they are close to perfection, but these have earned that honor and then some.

10 ‘Finding Nemo’ (2003)

Directed by Andrew Stanton

Dory, played by Ellen DeGeneres, in Finding Nemo
Image by way of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The third-ever winner of the Best Animated Feature Academy Award, Finding Nemo is the charming story of a timid clownfish who embarks on a journey to rescue his son, who was taken by a diver. He’ll get the aid of Dory, a blue tang with a negative case of brief-term memory loss. Their journey will prove to be complete of dangers, laughs, and — of course — lots of emotional payoffs.

A beloved Pixar classic, the film tugs at the heartstrings as frequently as it thrills and gets laughs. Although it may well appear like a rather very simple film on the surface, its impressive animation, vivid cast of characters, and complicated narrative about fatherhood and courage all make it an awesome knowledge. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes evidently agreed, calling the film touching, humorous, and surprisingly complete of artistic merit.

Finding Nemo

Release Date
May 30, 2003

Andrew Stanton , Lee Unkrich


9 ‘Lady Bird’ (2017)

Directed by Greta Gerwig

Lady Bird standing in an open space with trees in the background in Lady Bird.
Image by way of A24

Lady Bird is Greta Gerwig‘s outstanding sophomore directing work and the highest-rated A24 comedy on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a tender and frequently hilarious coming-of-age comedy about a seventeen-year-old who calls herself Lady Bird. The story follows her as she grapples with the tribulations of her senior year in higher college in Sacramento, California. Heavily inspired by Gerwig’s personal experiences coming of age in Sacramento, the film is 1 of the most intimate and profoundly affecting in the genre.

The film gracefully maneuvers across themes like developing up and feminine adolescence. In the method, it delivers all types of feelings, from sincere laughs to bittersweet tears. It’s 1 of the most enjoyable and relatable coming-of-age films of current years, and much more than worthy of the approval of 99% of Rotten Tomatoes critics.

Lady Bird

Release Date
September 8, 2017


Main Genre

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8 ‘Goldfinger’ (1964)

Directed by Guy Hamilton

Sean Connery as James Bond lighting a cigarrette in Golfinger
Image by way of United Artists

Even following a whopping sixty years due to the fact the starting of the 007 franchise, Goldfinger (the third film in the series), exactly where Sean Connery‘s James Bond uncovers a conspiracy to raid Fort Knox and obliterate the globe economy, is nonetheless viewed as by numerous to be the finest of the complete franchise. Thrilling, delightfully self-conscious, and the origin of numerous of the series’s most iconic trademarks, it really is a spy classic for all these who really like the genre.

The film is totally conscious of what tends to make spy motion pictures so entertaining and utilizes these components to their fullest prospective. It has 1 of the finest Bond girls, 1 of the finest Bond villains, 1 of the finest Bond songs, and Connery at his finest in the part. Critics extremely a lot appreciated the movie’s ideal balance in between seriousness and camp, which they believed resulted in an unforgettable evolution of the character.


Release Date
September 20, 1964

Guy Hamilton

Sean Connery , Honor Blackman , Gert Fröbe , Shirley Eaton , Tania Mallet , Harold Sakata


7 ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ (2010)

Directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders

How to Train Your Dragon Toothless and Hiccup
Image by way of Paramount Pictures

The How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is 1 of the highest-rated film franchises on Rotten Tomatoes, but the finest entry is undoubtedly the 1st film. Here, the teenage son of a Viking leader from the dragon-hunting village of Berk secretly befriends 1 of the beasts, discovering that there is a lot much more to them than he made use of to consider.

The globe-developing, characterization, and nuanced story are all best-notch, resulting in 1 of the most entertaining and acclaimed fantasy films of the 21st century so far, animated or otherwise. High fantasy at its extremely finest, How to Train Your Dragon obtained the approval of critics who believed that the animation was impressive, the characters had been actually endearing, and the script had a surprising quantity of depth and nuance.

6 ‘The Third Man’ (1949)

Directed by Carol Reed

A desperate man in an empty tunnel in the film The Third Man
Image by way of Selznick Releasing Organization

The classic film noir The Third Man is a completely engrossing film about a novelist traveling to post-war Vienna as a guest of his old pal Harry Lime, only to find out that his pal has mysteriously died. One of the finest noirs of all time, The Third Man soars thanks to Carol Reed‘s atmospheric path, Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles‘s intrepid performances, and the script’s ideal understanding of noir components and what tends to make them perform.

With surprising twists and turns, a captivating story, compelling characters, and the inexplicably magical charm of Welles and Cotten, The Third Man is unsurprisingly viewed as 1 of the finest motion pictures not only of its genre, but of all time. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes loved the film’s Viennese setting and the way Reed turns it into a complete other character, permitting it to function as the playground of these fascinating characters and their gripping story.

5 ‘All About Eve’ (1950)

Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Eve and Margo face-to-face in All About Eve
Image by way of 20th Century Studios

Though he’s finest identified as 1 of the most prolific and outstanding screenwriters of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Joseph L. Mankiewicz also directed really a couple of outstanding motion pictures. His finest is ordinarily agreed to be All About Eve, the Best Picture Oscar-winning drama about a secretly ruthless ingénue who insinuates herself into the lives of an aging Broadway star and her circle of mates.

The critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes is that All About Eve is intelligent, sophisticated, and “devastatingly funny.” Offering some outstanding writing and directing from Mankiewicz, as effectively as the legendary Bette Davis‘s finest perform, the film left an indelible mark on Classical Hollywood and film history at significant. The tone is incessantly witty, the dialogue flows like honey, and the characters are nothing at all if not riveting.

All About Eve

Release Date
October 6, 1950

Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Bette Davis , Anne Baxter , George Sanders , Celeste Holm , Gary Merrill , Hugh Marlowe


Main Genre

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4 ‘On the Waterfront’ (1954)

Directed by Elia Kazan

A black and white shot of Marlon Brando sat down in On the Waterfront.
Image via Columbia Pictures

Winner of 8 Academy Awards, such as Best Picture, On the Waterfront is an Elia Kazan classic about a man who dreams of becoming a prizefighter though operating errands at the New Jersey docks. Elvis Presley himself was obsessed with the film, and it is not challenging to see why. It’s a brilliantly written and directed film, resulting in an electrifying study of the corruptive prospective of energy.

Unsparingly realistic with a fascinating narrative and actually helpful components of character study, the film tends to make itself completely deserving of all the praise at each and every turn. It also attributes 1 of the most jaw-dropping acting performances ever place on screen, by the landmark in film history that was Marlon Brando. With this revolutionary efficiency, the thespian broke new ground in displaying the factors that film acting could do.

On The Waterfront (1954)

Release Date
July 28, 1954

Elia Kazan

Marlon Brando , Karl Malden , Lee J. Cobb , Rod Steiger , Eva Marie Saint

1hr 48m

Main Genre

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3 ‘Paddington 2’ (2017)

Directed by Paul King

Paddington in a pink prison uniform talking to a fellow prisoner in Paddington 2
Image by way of StudioCanal

For these who have been possessing a hard day and need to have a hug, Paddington 2 is a film that feels just like that a lot-necessary warmth. In it, Paddington the bear picks up a series of odd jobs to get his aunt a present, but it gets stolen by a master of disguise named Phoenix Buchanan, played by an intoxicating Hugh Grant in what may well be 1 of his finest performances ever.

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Simple in its scope and gentle in its strategy, this is 1 of these motion pictures that are virtually not possible to hate (save for a couple of killjoy critics, that is). It’s funny, it really is sweet, it really is wonderfully paced, and it improves on anything that produced the 1st film so adorable. Family comedies never frequently join the ranks of the finest motion pictures ever produced, but for Rotten Tomatoes critics, Paddington 2 earns the title magnificently.

Paddington 2

Release Date
November 9, 2017

Paul King

103 minutes

2 ‘Casablanca’ (1942)

Directed by Michael Curtiz

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in 'Casablanca'
Image by way of Warner Bros. 

In this gorgeous romantic drama, a cynical American ex-patriate operating a nightclub in Casablanca for the duration of early WWII faces unforeseen challenges when a former lover shows up at his doorstep. Casablanca is universally agreed to be 1 of the finest Oscar-winning World War motion pictures, thanks to magnetic performances by Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart and 1 of the finest screenplays ever written.

Casablanca is by far 1 of the finest motion pictures of Hollywood’s Golden Age, complete of quotable dialogue, intriguing plot points, and richly layered characters. It’s not only the writing that shines, even though. It’s masterfully crafted all about, a visually and aurally arresting knowledge bolstered by a fantastic narrative that is just the cherry on best.


Release Date
January 23, 1942

Michael Curtiz

Humphrey Bogart , Ingrid Bergman , Paul Henreid , Claude Rains , Conrad Veidt , Sydney Greenstreet

102 minutes

1 ‘Citizen Kane’ (1941)

Directed by Orson Welles

an inert hand holding a snowglobe with a log cabin inside, from 'Citizen Kane'
Directed by way of RKO Radio Pictures

It has been more than 80 years, and however this spellbinding mystery drama chronicling the rise and fall of a journalist magnate is nonetheless viewed as by numerous critics and audience members to be the absolute finest film ever produced. Citizen Kane requirements no introduction, due to the fact it really is practically constantly identified in discussions of the most revolutionary and influential films of all time.

Packed with complicated depth and a narrative style way ahead of its time, Citizen Kane grabs audiences’ focus from the moment it begins and does not let go till the credits roll. It’s intriguing, thematically wealthy, amazingly directed, and it has amazing visuals and a talented cast. If there is any film deserving of becoming viewed as practically ideal, critics consider that it really is this 1.

Citizen Kane

Release Date
April 17, 1941

Orson Welles , Joseph Cotten , Dorothy Comingore , Agnes Moorehead , Ruth Warrick , Ray Collins


Main Genre

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