10 TV Shows That Were Supposed To Be Huge Game Of Thrones Replacements


  • The finish of
    Game of Thrones
    sparked an enhance in epic fantasy shows, each and every hoping to fill the void left by the iconic series.
  • While some series, like
    The Wheel of Time
    The Witcher
    , accomplished accomplishment, other people such as
    Raised by Wolves
    Shadow and Bone
    have been canceled as well quickly.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
    presents an exciting expansion of Middle Earth but lacks the groundbreaking effect of its film predecessor.



The finish of Game of Thrones kicked off an apparent trend in TV of new epic fantasy shows, all hoping to replace the landmark series. Networks and streaming solutions devoted much more revenue to production style and unique effects than ever ahead of, even though producers searched for prepared-to-adapt supply material. Some turned to video games, novels, or earlier film adaptations to make TV shows that would hopefully match the complicated globe-creating of Westeros. A uncommon couple of attempted to pen an original fantasy series, which largely struggled due to rushed improvement.

These would-be Game of Thrones replacements saw varying levels of accomplishment across distinct networks. While this trend has the benefit of coinciding with the rise of streaming solutions, it also faces competitors from House of the Dragon and other upcoming Game of Thrones spinoffs. It is tricky to replace a series when much more material from the globe of that series is nonetheless getting released. On the other hand, viewers are nonetheless incensed about the controversial Game of Thrones finale and could be eager to attempt some thing comparable but new simply because of it.


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10 The Wheel Of Time (2021-Present)

The Wheel of Time premiered to an audience overwhelmed by epic fantasy.

Like A Song of Ice and Fire, The Wheel of Time is regarded as a staple of fantasy literature. Its meticulous globe-creating, bigger-than-life characters, and comprehensive story set it up nicely to be the subsequent Game of Thrones. Additionally, The Wheel of Time was lengthy overdue for an adaptation. The show has been nicely-received, producing it a sturdy selection for any one missing the heyday of Game of Thrones.

If The Wheel of Time has been hurt by something, it is the industry to which it was released. It could possibly have turn out to be a larger pop culture phenomenon if it had gotten began even though Game of Thrones was nonetheless airing. Instead, its sturdy similarities to Game of Thrones have been possibly as well comparable following the finale. Additionally, by the time The Wheel of Time premiered, epic fantasy TV shows have been everywhere, producing it just 1 much more title on a streaming list.

Wheel of Time Season 2 Poster

The Wheel of Time

Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan’s expansive fantasy series is brought to life in The Wheel of Time, a fantasy television series made for Amazon Prime Video. The series follows a lady named Moiraine, a member of the all-female Aes Sedai group who can make use of a wonderful energy. Following an attack on a regional village, Moiraine heads there to come across a villager that could be the reincarnation of an all-effective dragon that will either save or destroy the globe.

Barney Harris , Zoe Robins , Madeleine Madden , Marcus Rutherford , Daniel Henney , Rosamund Pike , Josha Stradowski , Kate Fleetwood , Priyanka Bose , Hammed Animashaun

Release Date
November 19, 2021


Rafe Judkins

9 Carnival Row (2019-2023)

Carnival Row has an thrilling premise but poor execution.

Helmed by Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne as the top pair of star-crossed lovers, Carnival Row characteristics a fascinating gaslamp fantasy setting characterized by prejudices amongst the humans of the Burge and immigrant faeries.Carnival Row stands as an underrated Amazon original, while it is quick to see why other shows have carried out greater. Many of the characters lack nuance, even though plot points of familial connections and betrayals are contrived, and the general writing is stilted.

Most persons agreed, which includes Bloom, that Carnival Row required to finish with season 2. When the most complicated aspect of the show was the primary romance, which had much more or much less resolved itself by the finish of season 1, the storylines of tyrannical aristocrats would not have carried the show for a further season. Carnival Row remains a succinct, enjoyable series for these who are not as well essential of its shortcomings, but it is as well brief-lived to fill a Game of Thrones-sized hole.

Carnival Row Final Season Poster

Carnival Row

Carnival Row is a fantasy crime-drama primarily based on the story A killing on Carnival Row by Travis Beacham. A string of murders on Carnival Row — an location of Victorian London exactly where creatures, which includes faeries, who have fled their homelands just after getting invaded by humans now reside — draw the interest of Detective Rycroft Philostrate. Despite increasing tensions amongst the mythical creatures and humans, Rycroft reunites with Vignette, a faerie refugee with whom he was as soon as involved romantically. Together, they function to resolve the mystery of the monster who is killing these all through Carnival Row ahead of it really is as well late. 

8 Westworld (2016-2022)

Westworld is as well confusing to have lasted for much more than a couple of seasons.

Westworld’s premise is frankly as well intriguing to ignore, in particular when the most prosperous network for epic storytelling is presenting it.

Emboldened by the accomplishment of Game of Thrones, HBO invested in a absolutely new, genre-distinct sci-fi TV show primarily based on a forgotten contribution to cinema. Westworld’s premise is frankly as well intriguing to ignore, in particular when the most prosperous network for epic storytelling is presenting it. The initial season requires some mental function to absolutely have an understanding of, but it is not not possible. Meanwhile, the storyline comprises dark mysteries and satisfying plot twists, with hints of equally exciting conclusions to come.

However, Westworld fails to answer the queries that the audience currently has and just keeps piling onto the mysteries in the subsequent seasons. The most confusing elements of Westworld’s timeline turn out to be even much more so with each and every new episode. By season 4, Westworld was as well exhausting to watch, and it ended ahead of it ever came close to the length of Game of Thrones’ run.

Westworld Season 4 Poster


HBO’s Westworld is a dystopian science fiction western that is primarily based on the Michael Crichton-directed film, Westworld. The series centers on higher-paying guests who check out a western theme park complete of human-like androids to reside out wild fantasies. Westworld would later introduce a futuristic mid-21st century exactly where the globe is run by an artificial intelligence referred to as Rehoboam. The series was extremely common in the course of its 4-season run but was canceled by HBO in November 2022.

Anthony Hopkins , Evan Rachel Wood , Shannon Woodward , Ed Harris , James Marsden , Jimmi Simpson , Jeffrey Wright , Tessa Thompson , Thandie Newton , Rodrigo Santoro

Release Date
October 2, 2016


Jonathan Nolan , Lisa Joy

7 Shadow And Bone (2021-2023)

Shadow and Bone was canceled as well quickly, leaving numerous storylines unresolved.

Based on Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling fantasy trilogy and its spinoff novels, Netflix’s Shadow and Bone was usually common with audiences top up to its abrupt cancellation. The show’s ending tends to make it clear that the writers have been arranging on a further season, with a considerable quantity of supply material left to adapt. Now, numerous Shadow and Bone storylines will by no means be resolved for these who have not study the books.

Shadow and Bone would most likely by no means have reached the similar heights as Game of Thrones. The latter’s globe-creating and characters are far much more detailed, even though the former is reliant on the established tropes of the young adult genre. The Shadow and Bone TV show is a further byproduct of the enhance in epic fantasy series of the post-Game of Thrones globe. Yet fans are nonetheless doubtlessly disappointed that the show was by no means provided the opportunity to manifest its complete possible.

6 Raised By Wolves (2020-2022)

Raised by Wolves does not reside up to its HBO contemporaries.

Also premiering about the time of the Game of Thrones finale and midway by means of Westworld was HBO Max’s Raised by Wolves. The show was praised for its detailed globe-creating, which initially produced it look like a further winning title in HBO’s repertoire of shows that define the Golden Age of tv. Sadly, HBO is topic to the similar rises and falls in good quality and administration as the rest of the market, which possibly impacted Raised by Wolves’ longevity (or lack thereof).

It is attainable that Raised by Wolves was canceled just after season 2 simply because of the Discovery and WarnerMedia merger. While Raised by Wolves showed guarantee, it was not as superior as HBO’s other series which had to be renewed at all charges. With much more time to make up an epic story, Raised by Wolves could have come close to what Game of Thrones as soon as was, if not very reaching it, due to the oversaturation of the genre. However, these administrative situations reduce the show brief, to the disappointment of the cast and crew.

Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves centers on two androids tasked with raising human young children on a mysterious virgin planet identified as Keppler 22-b. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious variations, a mysterious force inside the planet itself appears to have its personal targets. The androids discover that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and tricky activity.


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5 The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power (2022-Present)

The Lord of the Rings prequel TV show does not have the similar effect as the motion pictures.

Rings of a Power is a strong show, but it is not revolutionary adequate to be the subsequent Game of Thrones.

There is nothing at all inherently incorrect with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power TV show’s storytelling, but it comes across as somewhat bland, also simply because of the sheer quantity of fantasy TV shows in the existing industry. Rings of Power delivers a fascinating appear into the lives of a younger Galadriel and Elrond and tremendously expands the Middle Earth setting by revealing much more about the histories of its distinct cultures. However, it lacks the effect of the groundbreaking The Lord of the Rings motion pictures.

The Lord of the Rings is ground zero for regular, medievalist swords and sorcery fantasy. The motion pictures broke ground in their time simply because nothing at all on that scale in that genre had ever been observed ahead of. However, for a new fantasy house to make it nowadays, it has to break the mold of this story in some way. Rings of a Power is a strong show, but it is not revolutionary adequate to be the subsequent Game of Thrones.

4 Emerald City (2016-2017)

The dark Wizard of Oz show only produced it by means of 1 season.

With Emerald City, NBC attempted a absolutely distinct tactic when it came to developing a new epic fantasy TV show. Possibly inspired by the reside-action versions of classic fairy tales coming out in the 2010s, Emerald City is a gritty and violent show following the simple outline of the Wizard of Oz story. NBC can be provided credit for premiering this show even though Game of Thrones was nonetheless going sturdy, displaying ingenuity in attempting to get ahead of the genre curve that would come numerous years later.

However, Emerald City by no means located an audience, possibly simply because it was pointlessly violent. Ratings only went down as season 1 continued, top to the show’s cancellation. Fans petitioned to make Emerald City season 2 a reality, but their efforts have been in vain and the show has been dormant ever given that.

Emerald City

Emerald City is an NBC fantasy drama primarily based on the Oz book series from author L. Frank Baum. The series follows a comparable premise as the 1939 film, displaying Dorthy Gale getting transported to the Land Oz just after a tornado strikes her modest Kansas town. Emerald City only lasted for a single season ahead of getting canceled.

3 The Witcher (2019-Present)

The Witcher is a sturdy contender to be Game of Thrones’ replacement.

Of all the shows that hoped to be the subsequent Game of Thrones, The Witcher arguably did the greatest job. The globe-creating shares numerous genre trappings with Game of Thrones but is nonetheless distinct adequate to stand on its personal. The Witcher also intersects with a further common trend of the late 2010s and early 2020s, of video game-to-TV show adaptations. With a constructed-in fanbase, iconic and charismatic characters, and Netflix’s willingness to throw all the revenue vital into production, The Witcher, for a moment, seemed like the true point.

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Despite its reputation, The Witcher could by no means match Game of Thrones in terms of good quality. With ratings dropping and Henry Cavill leaving the show, The Witcher is on shaky footing as it heads into its subsequent season. While it could have as soon as seemed like it was heading for Game of Thrones levels of accomplishment, The Witcher is unlikely to get as numerous seasons of Game of Thrones, lessening its effect.

2 A Discovery Of Witches (2018-2022)

A Discovery of Witches’ highlights are its historical and scientific components.

A Discovery of Witches ended ahead of season 4 not simply because it was canceled, but simply because the creators only intended for there to be 3 seasons, 1 for each and every book in Deborah Harkness’ trilogy. The supply material for A Discovery of Witches showcases a level of analysis and detail that couple of other fantasy series have due to the author getting a true scholar in the field of the history of science. Time travel plots also permitted the series to emphasize its history with a period setting.

The situations of A Discovery of Witches contact into query what a show should be to be compared to Game of Thrones. It had acclaim and a significant production, but was in the end a much more contained story focusing on fewer characters that could be completed inside a couple of seasons. Therefore, A Discovery of Witches was a a lot briefer cultural phenomenon.

a discovery of witches

A Discovery of Witches

Beginning in 2018, A Discovery of Witches is a Fantasy tv series that ran for 3 seasons till 2022. The series stars Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode and revolves about a vampire and a witch that should function collectively to defeat all manner or magical creatures.

Teresa Palmer , Matthew Goode

Release Date
September 14, 2018



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1 His Dark Materials (2019-2022)

His Dark Materials succeeds in its personal suitable, not in replacing Game of Thrones.

The TV show adaption of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials is concrete proof of what TV show reboots can do for fantasy book series, in particular these whose film franchises absolutely failed. However, His Dark Materials dealt with the similar challenge as A Discovery of Witches when it came to living up to Game of Thrones. His Dark Materials is a 3-book trilogy, and the story was only suited to a 3-season show.

Therefore, His Dark Materials also did not have the time to make up its fanbase ahead of the show’s ending. Additionally, the genre is possibly as well distinct, not very meeting these hunting for a new medievalist fantasy. Game of Thrones changed the TV market in numerous techniques and left audiences and producers alike clamoring for the subsequent cultural phenomenon. However, attempting to be a further TV show is possibly what led so numerous to failure.

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