Alex Lifeson Says a Rush Reunion ‘Would Just Be a Money Ploy’

According to Alex Lifeson, the opportunity of a Rush reunion is trim, describing the not probably occasion as “a funds ploy.”

“So several persons try to remember us, and there’s unhappiness amongst our supporters that it ended, and they want a lot more, but you can’t go back again,” he mentioned in a contemporary interview with “We can’t just go and get one more drummer, and go out and perform concert events, and make new content. It just would not be the similar. It would just be a income ploy.”

Lifeson claimed that the band is asked often about discovering back once more alongside a single a further — such as whether or not or not or not they are going to employ the service of a new drummer to join the band in placement of the late Neil Peart — but the guitarist says he is genuinely “happy of the simple fact that we haven’t, and that it was about when it was in excess of.”

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“We toured for 41 a long time, and Neil [Peart] was accomplished,” he described. “He could not play like he did 10 years previously, and it was pretty complicated he did not want to perform even one share a lot less than fantastic. That was comprehensible. And it was unfortunate when it was around, and all of that, but in retrospect, we went out on a substantial be aware, and that is the legacy of Hurry.”

Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee Jamming to Hurry

Lifeson not lengthy ago informed UCR that he and bassist Geddy Lee have been casually jamming to Hurry music jointly these days.

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“We made the decision that we would engage in some Rush tracks. Mainly because, you know, we haven’t played these tracks in 10 yrs,” he explained. “We began that a couple of weeks back. We get jointly 1 day a week around at his location. We just picked some Hurry songs and we began enjoying them and we seem like a actually, seriously negative Hurry tribute band.”

But, Lifeson pressured, the jamming is just for enjoyment.

“I’m 70. It can be not as straightforward to get my fingers to do what my mind tells me to do,” he explained. “They’re a lot lazier than they employed to be and they have a lousy memory. Carrying out this truly will help a whole lot, and it’s fun. That is it. The complete point was that in the commencing, it was just exciting. We are acquiring a riot jointly performing that. There’s no rhyme or explanation. We are not setting up on likely again on the road, obtaining a new drummer or just about anything like that. It really is just fun to do it.”

Probable Collaborators for Rush’s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson

Who’s to say that they would adhere with the attempted-and-precise trio structure? 

Gallery Credit score: Nick DeRiso

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