Cam’ron Says That Nas ‘Loves’ Hip Hop While JAY-Z ‘Likes’ It

Cam’ron feels that JAY-Z does not necessarily “love” Hip Hop in the identical way his former rival Nas does, but he does have an appreciation for the dollars it brings.

Killa shared his thoughts on the subject on a current episode of his sports show It Is What It Is, inspired by Antonio Brown’s current comment that basically known as Hov a sellout.

After the Brooklyn native performed at Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony earlier this month, AB took to X, saying: “Jay didn’t perform at any Hip Hop 50 concerts last year where the fans would’ve known every word to his songs, but he makes time to get ignored by rich folks smh. #CTESPN”

Discussing it on the show, Cam stated, “I believe that JAY-Z, to me – my personal opinion – is not in love with Hip Hop. I think he likes Hip Hop a lot, [but] I think he likes money more and opportunities to take his brand to the next level and some of the stuff that may have been going on with Hip Hop 50 may not have been up his alley.”

He went on to say that Hov operating with the NFL might have one thing to do with the Brady gig – that the Roc Nation mogul might be constructing the connection amongst himself and a important character in the league, with an eye on one thing larger for himself or Hip Hop in the future.

Cam then compared JAY to Nas, adding, “I don’t think he loves it as much as somebody like Nas loves it. Nas loves Hip Hop.”

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Watch the complete clip beneath.

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Cam’ron Says That Nas ‘Loves’ Hip Hop While JAY-Z ‘Likes’ It But ‘Likes Money More’

Cam’ron infamously feuded with Nas in the early 2000s, and talked about the beef lately on social media.

“Nas is one of my favorite artists, if not my favorite artist,” he stated. “When Nas dissed me, I was like, ‘Damn.’ We grew up on Nas. What did Nas diss us for? So when he dissed me for no reason, I’m like, ‘Damn, I didn’t do nothing to Nas.’

Cam'ron & Ma$e Clown Rappers Expecting Roc Nation Deal To Come With JAY-Z Verse

Cam’ron & Ma$e Clown Rappers Expecting Roc Nation Deal To Come With JAY-Z Verse

“But it was when I just signed to Roc-A-Fella and I was like, ‘Damn, man. Do we ignore Nas or do we respond to Nas?’ To me, that was against the rule. We had no platinum album out, Dipset was just developing.

“Then when we dissed Nas, that was our second mixtape. But we had to do that ’cause we just getting in the door after a fucked up deal I had at Sony. That’s why I did it — I felt our backs were against the wall.”

Check out the complete convo right here.

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