Furiosa Can Finally Answer A Mad Max Franchise Mystery That’s 43 Years Old


  • Furiosa could bridge the gap among original Mad Max films &amp Fury Road, exploring the timeline of the franchise’s history.
  • The possible to reveal what occurred to the settlers from Mad Max 2 in Furiosa opens up thrilling storytelling possibilities.
  • The settlers in no way saw Max once again, but that does not imply they can not see Furiosa!



The upcoming Mad Max film, Furiosa, has the chance to answer a lengthy-standing franchise mystery that is lasted 43 years. George Miller returns to his iconic dystopian sci-fi planet almost ten years just after the critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road. Anya Taylor-Joy leads the Furiosa cast, reprising Charlize Theron’s character in a prequel to the earlier installment. While Fury Road picked up decades just after Miller’s original film trilogy, Furiosa really should be a bit closer in the timeline, permitting for additional cohesion among the ’80s and modern day Mad Max films.

is out in theaters on May 24, 2024

On the Mad Max timeline, Furiosa is anticipated to happen roughly halfway among Beyond Thunderdome and Fury Road. There are nevertheless decades among Furiosa and the original two motion pictures, but exploring this gray region on the timeline makes it possible for film audiences to see how the planet devolved to the point of Fury Road. The contrast among the two eras is quite notable, and establishing additional continuity among the two could be fascinating for the franchise. One mystery from Road Warrior would be the ideal instance.

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Furiosa Could Reveal What Happened To The Settlers After Mad Max 2

The Settlers Never Saw Max Again, But They Could See Furiosa

Mad Max 2: Road Warrior is usually thought of the most effective Mad Max film from the original trilogy, completely combining the exceptional aesthetics of George Miller’s planet with classic ’80s sci-fi blockbuster components. The film sees Max come to the help of a group of settlers in possession of a significant tankard of oil, who are threatened by a deadly band of marauders. Road Warrior’s ending sees Max distracting the marauders so the settlers can escape with the tankard. While they allegedly make it to the beach as planned, Max remains in the badlands, nevertheless haunted by his previous.

The closing narration in Road Warrior states that the settlers in no way saw Max once again, so it tends to make sense that they weren’t in Fury Road. However, there is lots of space for Furiosa to encounter them, tying the two eras collectively and offering an answer to what occurred to them. Given the estimated time distinction, the Feral Kid would be roughly 60 by Furiosa and could be the leader of their settlement. This would be an thrilling nod to these who’ve embraced the franchise for decades, connecting Furiosa to an iconic ’80s classic.

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Why Immortan Joe Chose Furiosa to Guard His Wives (Mad Max Plot Hole Solved)

The Mad Max: Fury Road comics inform the previously-untold story of how Furiosa was assigned to be the bodyguard of Immortan Joe’s wives.

How The Settlers Can Factor Into Furiosa’s Story

The Settlers Could Appear As Supporters Of Furiosa, Perhaps In Conflict With Dementus

Furiosa (Anya Taylor-Joy) holding a weapon, behind her a metal structure in the shape of a cross that protects her from an explosion in Furiosa
Image through Warner Bros.

Furiosa is identified to have come from the Green Place, so she can not be a descendant of the settlers herself. However, her path for revenge against Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) could take her to any quantity of areas. Furiosa appears to be an action-packed cinematic knowledge with restricted dialogue, so it is doubtful that she’d ingratiate herself with the settlers to the very same degree as Max. They could nevertheless make a short look, offering her refuge or aiding her in some short capacity.

Furiosa A Mad Max Saga Poster Showing Anya Taylor Joy as Furiosa and Chris Hemsworth Standing in Front of a Motorcycle Gang

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

A prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa is an action-adventure film that tells the origin story of the headstrong and fearless Furiosa. Set shortly just after the starting of the “end of the world,” Furiosa is kidnapped and brought ahead of a effective warlord, now forced to operate for him. To locate her way back residence, Furiosa will adapt to the new harsh and arid planet as she grows into the Furiosa she becomes identified to be. 

George Miller

Release Date
May 24, 2024

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