Hits and Misses: Magazine Covers of May 2024

The month of May has belonged to Zendaya. Period. At least in terms of magazine covers. After all, the American actress and ultimate style darling has graced the covers of American, British and Australian Vogue inside the space of 4 weeks. Impressive, appropriate? Kate Moss also dominated newsstands worldwide this month, with the iconic British model taking to Vogue Germany and Vogue Taiwan (in addition to Vogue Japan‘s offering for June 2024). Elsewhere down on the newsstand, we’ve encountered the likes of Salma Hayek Pinault oozing pure unapologetic glamour by way of the lens of Cuneyt Akerolgu for not one particular but 3 terrific Vogue Arabia covers. Samira Nasr at Harper’s Bazaar impressed us to no finish with a pair of Anok Yai and Christy Turlington covers even though we have been left shaking our heads in disbelief more than Vogue France carrying out Céline Dion a total disservice.

Scroll additional to see which May 2024 magazine covers produced the reduce (and which flopped) this month, all in accordance to theFashionSpot’s unfiltered forum members:

HIT | US Vogue with Zendaya by Annie Leibovitz

“A truly GORGEOUS cover, absolutely love and always 100% here for Wintour going all quintessential American Vogue on us. The colors are fabulous, love the lush greens with the red Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda piece and how polished and poised Zendaya looks.” [vogue28]

US Vogue May 2024 : Zendaya by Annie Leibovitz

MISS | UK ELLE with Raye by Brendan Freeman

“The styling is a mess.” [MDNA]

UK Elle May 2024 : Raye by Brendan Freeman

MISS | UK Harper’s Bazaar with Nicole Coughlan by Agata Pospieszynska

“Nicola Coughlan may not have a model body, yet she has a very beautiful and classy face, and looks beautiful overall. However, that cover makes her look too short. Not sure why they couldn’t crop it differently or use the picture in the same place where she’s more zoomed in.” [Srdjan]

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UK Harper's Bazaar May 2024 : Nicola Coughlan by Agata Pospieszynska

MISS | Vogue China with Cate Blanchett by Szilveszter Makó

“Terrible! She should have worn one of the long gowns or skirts from the collection with some blowing hair instead of this contrived thing!” [Lola701]

Vogue China May 2024 : Cate Blanchett by Szilveszter Makó

HIT | Vogue Germany with Kate Moss by Nikolai von Bismarck

“Love everything about this cover! Beautiful.” [MModa]

Vogue Germany May 2024 : Kate Moss by Nikolai von Bismarck

HIT | US Harper’s Bazaar with Anok Yai &amp Christy Turlington by Ethan James Green

“Love everything. Beautiful covers and both models look radiant.” [Alquimista]


MISS | Vogue Australia with Zendaya by Josh Olins

“It had potential with a different hairstyle and better photo quality. That green tint gives it a cheap element.” [Urban Stylin]

Vogue Australia May 2024 : Zendaya by Josh Olins

MISS | Vogue Brazil with Paloma Elsesser by Zee Nunes

Vogue Brazil started the year very well, only to have a horrible cover for the anniversary edition.” [caioherrero]

Vogue Brazil May 2024 : Paloma Elsesser by Zee Nunes

MISS | Vogue Spain with Amelia Gray by Brett Llyod

“All sorts of awful, and I don’t even mind the sight of Amelia Gray. Awful makeup, atrocious hair, horrid choice of Miu Miu and my biggest pet peeve is when the cover subject isn’t engaging with the reader. Not a fan of this, whatsoeverrrrrrr.” [vogue28]

Vogue España May 2024 : Amelia Gray by Brett Lloyd

HIT | US ELLE with Dua Lipa by Dan Beleiu

“I love it, the styling is great and eye-catching!” [Ihhbl]

US Elle May 2024 : Dua Lipa by Dan Beleiu

MISS | Vogue France with Céline Dion by Cass Bird

“What the hell. The styling! She deserves better so much better.” [GivenchyAddict]

Vogue France May 2024 : Céline Dion by Cass Bird

HIT | ELLE Spain with Monica Bellucci by JuanKr

“Another triumph for ELLE Spain, I certainly enjoy this. A beauty like Monica Bellucci does not require any added extras, so a straightforward studio shoot like this often functions completely. The two covers are flawless. [vogue28]

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Elle España May 2024 : Monica Bellucci by JuanKr

MISS | UK Vogue with Zendaya by Carlijn Jacobs

“Atrocious composition. The framing, the text placement, the art direction… a competent editor would never run a cover like this.” [Marc10]

UK Vogue May 2024 : Zendaya by Carlijn Jacobs

MISS | Allure with Willow Smith by Zhong Lin

“Again, a waste of pixels.” [blueorchid]

Allure May 2024 : Willow Smith by Zhong Lin

MISS | Vogue Netherlands with Stella Lucia by Kate Bellm

“No wonder magazines don’t sell when you see this. Gosh, the image doesn’t say anything. The tagline isn’t impressive either. I can’t believe a Vogue title produced this.” [Bertrando3]

Vogue Netherlands May 2024 : Stella Lucia by Kate Bellm

HIT | Vogue Taiwan with Kate Moss by Nikolai von Bismarck

“Beautiful cover, everything works!” [avonlea002]

Vogue Taiwan May 2024 : Kate Moss by Nikolai von Bismarck

HIT | Harper’s Bazaar France with Naomi Campbell by Karim Sadli

“Perhaps her best cover in recent memory, Karim captured a softer side to Naomi that we don’t see very often. I love this!” [aracic]

Harper's Bazaar France May 2024 : Naomi Campbell by Karim Sadli

MISS | Vogue Adria with Abby Champion by Thomas Giddings

“Too dark and too depressing. Abby Champion is a stunning girl, they should’ve toned it down. I am happy for Abby snatching the cover, but sad for Vogue Adria. This is another disappointment of a cover.” [BelkaniStaCouture]

Vogue Adria May 2024 : Abby Champion by Thomas Giddings

HIT | Harper’s Bazaar Italia with Apolline Rocco Fohrer by Nathaniel Goldberg

“The cover is so beautiful in its simplicity.” [vogue28]

Harper's Bazaar Italia May 2024 : Apolline Rocco Fohrer by Nathaniel Goldberg

HIT | Vogue Singapore with Sara Grace Wallerstedt by Txema Yeste

“Txema Yeste never disappoints!” [Petrus]

Vogue Singapore May 2024 : Sara Grace Wallerstedt by Txema Yeste

MISS | Vogue Korea with Jennie by Kim Hee June

“Nice as supplements covers. Not strong enough as main covers.” [Xone]

Vogue Korea May 2024 : Jennie by Heejune Kim

HIT | Vogue Arabia with Salma Hayek Pinault by Cuneyt Akeroglu

““The best Salma Hayek Pinault has ever looked. These are stunning covers but the first is really powerful. I’ve missed Cuneyt Akeroglu photographing covers.” [marsnoop2]

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Vogue Arabia May 2024 : Salma Hayek Pinault by Cuneyt Akeroglu

MISS | Vogue Italia with Irina Shayk by Theo Liu

“Horrible. That traffic light thing totally ruins the shot.” [mikel]

Vogue Italia May 2024 : Irina Shayk by Theo Liu

MISS | Vogue Turkey with Stella Maxwell by Emre Unal

“No. She looks like any random young socialite. Feels like daddy paid for the cover to happen.” [FAdS]

Vogue Turkey May 2024 : Stella Maxwell by Emre Unal

HIT | D la Repubblica with Mila van Eeten by Carlijn Jacobs

“That Mila van Eeten cover is absolutely GORGEOUS, so striking and visually-arresting. Absolutely love the black background, teamed with the stark beauty styling and jewelry. Very nicely done.” [vogue28]

d la Repubblica May 4th, 2024 : Mila van Eeten by Carlijn Jacobs

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