Is Bodkin Primarily based On A Accurate Story?


  • Bodkin is completely fictional, not primarily based on a correct story or true town, providing a satirical take on correct crime podcasts.
  • Cast members like Siobhán Cullen bring authenticity to the Irish setting, in spite of the story getting purely fictional.
  • Show creator Jez Scharf and director Bronwen Hughes provide a strong miniseries with engaging mysteries and characters.



The Netflix mystery series Bodkin is centered about a correct crime podcast, but is it primarily based on a correct story? Bodkin, which was released in its entirety exclusively on Netflix on May well 9, 2024, is a 7-episode miniseries that requires spot completely in a tiny coastal town in Ireland. The series was designed by British writer Jez Scharf, whose earlier functions incorporate Mister Biscuits (2018), Groucho Nietzsche (2014), and The UnDream (2013), and was directed in portion by Bronwen Hughes (Breaking Terrible, Improved Contact Saul,13 Factors Why). Bodkin opened to strong critiques, earning a 70% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Bodkin follows Saturday Evening Reside alum Will Forte’s delighted-go-fortunate protagonist Gilbert, a qualified podcaster who travels to the tiny fictitious town of Bodkin, Ireland. Gilbert is accompanied by Emmy (Robyn Cara), his ambitious but inexperienced assistant, and Dove (Siobhán Cullen), a no-nonsense investigative journalist who is operating from a dark previous of her personal. Upon arriving in Bodkin, Gilbert, Dove, and Emmy are accompanied by Sean O’Shea (Chris Walley), a regional Bodkin townie hired to be their driver in the course of their remain. The longer the 3 journalists remain in Bodkin, the far more mysteries they find out.

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Netflix’s Bodkin Is Not Primarily based On A True Story

Every thing in Bodkin is a comprehensive perform of fiction, even the town

Even though the Netflix series Bodkin feels grounded in reality, the all round narrative is not straight tied to any a single correct story in specific. This indicates that Forte’s character is not primarily based on an actual individual, nor are any of the characters intended to depict true-life people today, despite the fact that Forte’s Gilbert surely embodies a particular variety of podcaster. On the other hand, although Siobhán Cullen’s Dove is also a fictional character, the actress is actually from Dublin, Ireland, which adds authenticity and legitimacy to Bodkin’s fictional setting.

In addition, David Wilmot, who plays Seamus in Bodkin, is an award-winning stage and screen actor from Ireland as nicely. Most of the supporting and background characters in Bodkin’s cast are also rooted in Ireland or the United Kingdom, which is even far more purpose to assume that Bodkin is primarily based on a correct story. Although it is not, and Bodkin is not a true spot in Ireland, it is completely probable Bodkin was inspired in portion by the West Cork podcast, which explored an unsolved murder in the tiny Irish town of Schull.

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Bodkin Parodies Components Of Additional Sensational Accurate Crime Podcasts

Bodkin shares widespread themes and critiques on the sensationalism in correct crime entertainment

Will Forte, Siobhan Cullen, and Robyn Cara stand in a field in Netflix's Bodkin show

Regardless of Bokdin’s trailer claiming the series to be “Primarily based on a correct story…overheard at a pub“, executive producer Alex Metcalf confirmed that it is “Not a true story, not a true spot. It is a fake town, it is a fake spot. It is all fake people today. The mystery itself, we worked pretty really hard to locate anything that is in no way adjacent to a true correct crime story. The fictionality of it was pretty deliberate.” (by way of Tudum). What Bodkin does capture accurately, having said that, is a realistic sense of the inherent sensationalism of murder and correct crime podcasts, turning these themes on their head to supply a satirical point of view.

Other true-life, correct crime podcasts can be a bit ghoulish in how they chase a story, upending tiny towns and the a variety of people today, even victims, involved with murders. It is a recurring theme in Bodkin that the townspeople do not want to revisit or dig up the previous, and with a lot of very good purpose. Bodkin is also reminiscent of Black Mirror season six, episode two “Loch Henry”, which touches on a lot of of the exact same thematic, narrative, and locational points concerning correct crime entertainment. “Loch Henry” requires spot in Scotland, not Ireland, and the characters make a documentary, not a podcast but in each instances, the tiny town’s dark previous is revealed, and correct crime content material is parodied.

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