Rory’s Worst Moment in ‘Gilmore Girls’ Isn’t the One You’re Thinking Of

The Big Picture

  • Rory Gilmore’s character in
    Gilmore Girls
    has only gotten worse more than time, with her worst moment becoming when she physique-shames a ballerina in her evaluation for the Yale Daily News.
  • Rory’s privileged upbringing and lack of criticism contribute to her inability to manage feedback and her imply-girl behavior.
  • The moments exactly where Rory and Lorelai mock people’s appearances, such as physique-shaming, are unnecessary and make their characters unlikeable.

With any character in a extended-operating Television series, it is to be anticipated that they’ll have their ups and downs. Sometimes they’ll be the finest character you have ever noticed, and other occasions they’ll be the worst, such is the case for Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) in Gilmore Girls. Though the show may possibly be referred to as Gilmore Girls the titular characters are not devoid of criticism, with seven seasons and a revival to its name, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory have been by way of a lot. From partnership troubles, arguments with one particular a further, and basic life dramas that derail their plans. Although Lorelai experiences development, it is Rory who goes by way of the most significant alterations in the series, and we can agree that it wasn’t for the finest. The Rory we met in Season 1 is not the very same Rory we know in Season 7, or in the revival. Yes, persons transform, but she changed so drastically it is honestly a small difficult to fathom. But private gripes aside, there’s one particular moment exactly where Rory hits an all-time low – and it is not the one particular you are considering of.

There are a lot of moments that could be selected when it comes to the worst Rory Gilmore moment, as unfortunate as that is to say. But it is not specifically a secret that as the show goes on Rory undergoes a significant character transform. There are some moments that are much more minor than other individuals, and there are some that leave a significant stain on Rory’s character. For instance when she slept with Dean (Jared Padalecki) even even though he was married, and justified it by saying he was her boyfriend very first. That was the correct turning point for Rory’s character, but there was a moment that occurred just before that that has left a undesirable taste in the mouth of all Gilmore Girls fans.

Rory Changed For the Worse in Season 4

When you consider about Rory’s worst moment, you will in all probability consider about that time she slept with Dean whilst he was married to Lindsay (Arielle Kebell) in the Season 4 finale, and that is a fully valid answer. That was by far one particular of the worst points Rory did through the show’s run, and the truth that she attempted to justify it immediately after by saying Dean was her boyfriend very first? That does not function, Rory. But that is an clear one particular, and even the show (and Lorelai for that matter) does not shy away from confronting it. There’s a further awful Rory moment earlier in Season 4 (a season that was clearly the get started of Rory’s downfall), that is so painful to watch back.

In the episode “Die, Jerk” Rory is tasked with writing a evaluation of a recital for the Yale Daily News, but it does not get published, and when she asks the paper’s editor why he tells her that her writing was “a bit of a yawn.” She rewrites it and is told as soon as once again that it is not excellent, and that he cannot inform what she actually believed about the functionality. She’s told to rewrite it a further time and attends the recital once again to additional type her opinion. This time, Lorelai attends it with her, and this functionality proves to be worse than the final, some thing each Lorelai and Rory agree on.

So Rory offers it a undesirable evaluation and this time her piece is accepted and published. No harm no foul, proper? We all have unique tastes, and possibly it actually wasn’t a excellent functionality. Her dislike of the recital is not the trouble right here, it is her comments toward the ballerina. Rather than just critiquing the functionality and general recital, Rory tends to make some significant digs at the ballerina’s look. She compares the ballerina to a hippo, writes that she has the grace of a drunken dockworker, and even adds in Lorelai’s comment about a roll of fat about her bra strap. When she’s (rightfully) confronted by the ballerina, she tries to defend her words as portion of her job as a journalist, but nowhere in the job description does it say physique-shaming is okay.

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Rory Body-Shaming a Ballerina Is Just Plain Cruel

Alexis Bledel as Rory looking at a sign that says Die Jerk on her door in GIlmore Girls
Image through The WB

When she pouts to her mom about the encounter, even Lorelai says Rory was also harsh, some thing Rory continues to defend as becoming what she was told to do. She even defends her physique-shaming by saying that it is a critique of the costumer, immediately following it up by saying the costumer should’ve place her in a larger leotard. It’s such a needlessly cruel evaluation. She really nicely could’ve written her sincere opinion on the recital devoid of the physique-shaming comments. Not only are they just plain imply, but the ballerina’s look does not have something to do with the high quality of the recital.

Not to mention this was one particular of Rory’s tryout articles. She explains through a Friday evening dinner that, in order to join the employees, you have to create a piece for every section of the paper. Not that this sort of evaluation would be okay even for a seasoned writer, but it is surely not a excellent very first impression. And, to top rated it all off, the recital closed early due to Rory’s evaluation.

Rory’s Character Was Destroyed When She Went to Yale

Actor Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, receiving her diploma when she graduates from Chilton Prep on Gilmore Girls
Image through The WB

Rory’s character began going downhill about the time she went off to Yale. Perhaps it was becoming taken out of her humble small town and becoming plopped into a larger, much more privileged atmosphere, or perhaps she was constantly like this and Yale brought out the worst in her. Rory has constantly been a bit spoiled and unaware of her privilege. She’s Lorelai’s complete globe, and in her eyes, Rory can do no incorrect. This sets up a complicated for her that lends itself to the decline of her character as soon as she’s sent out into the globe on her personal. She’s set in her methods and unable to take criticism, a direct outcome of becoming coddled by Lorelai and her grandparents, and honestly the town of Stars Hollow as a complete. Don’t get me incorrect, Rory is brilliant, and she worked difficult to get exactly where she is, but her attitude along the way soured any enjoyment of celebrating her good results.

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Sure, she and Lorelai have been pretty chatty and engaged in some cheeky gossip, but they had in no way been outright cruel towards persons — and specially not towards someone’s appears. And however this complete episode exists, and as if that wasn’t undesirable adequate, there’s a further instance of it in the “Summer” episode of A Year in the Life. During a scene exactly where Lorelai and Rory are lying out by the pool, two bigger males stroll previous, and Lorelai and Rory quietly mock them, commenting on their bellies. But it does not finish there. There’s a resident of the town that Rory has nicknamed “Back Fat Pat” and when he welcomes her back to town, she accidentally calls him fat to his face when she thanks him. This would be a problematic scene any time, but offered that A Year in the Life came out in 2016 you would consider a scene like this wouldn’t make the reduce. What does it present, anyway? Aside from generating Rory and Lorelai rather unlikable and reminding us once again that a revival was just unnecessary.

Lorelai and Rory have in no way been ideal characters, but these moments go far and beyond just becoming a small annoying, this is just imply-girl behavior, and it could’ve – and should’ve – been reduce completely. There’s in no way an excuse for it, and even even though the 2000s when the show was airing was a a lot unique time, physique-shaming has in no way been in style.

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