Song Seung-Heon Lays Trap for Park Gun-Hyung

The Participant 2: Master of Swindlers episode 3 aired on Monday, June 10, 2024, on tvN and Viki. Starring Oh Yeon-Website positioning and Tune Seung-Heon, the new K-drama focuses on a workforce of 4 who carry out as a specialist group of swindlers, thieving from fraud businessmen and wealthy males and females.

In the prior episode, Jung Soo-Min (Oh Yeon-So) employed Kang Ha-Ri (Song Seung-Heon) and his employees. She needed them to rip-off KU Enjoyment CEO Kim Yun-Gi (Park Gun-Hyung) and expose his drug enterprise. The swindlers preferred a prosecutor and found Kwak Do-Soo (Ha Do-Gwon). Nevertheless, he suspected foul carry out and connected Ha-Ri’s hyperlink to prosecutor Kim Received-Hae (Jang In-Gyoo). The episode completed with Ha-Ri and Do-Soo bumping into each and every other outdoors Gained-Hae’s workplace atmosphere.

The most recent The Player 2: Learn of Swindlers episode 3 starts with Do-Soo chasing Ha-Ri. When they quit functioning, Received-Hae aids Ha-Ri flee the scene. He then describes to Do-Soo that he have to have to join them in putting criminals behind bars. In the meantime, Ha-Ri and his crew productively lay a lure for CEO Yun-Gi.

The Player 2: Master of Swindlers episode 3 spoilers: Music Seung-Heon sends Jang Gyu-Ri to spy on Park Gun-Hyung

In The Player 2: Master of Swindlers episode 3, Ha-Ri meets Yun-Gi as a profitable salesperson whose side enterprise enterprise is advertising prescription drugs. Meanwhile, Ha-Ri sends Cha Jae-Yi (Jang Gyu-Ri) to Yun-Gi’s organization disguised as a new intern. She crops recording mics and devices in the workplace.

Ha-Ri’s strategy to trap Yun-Gi operates, and the latter agrees to get the job accomplished with him. Meanwhile, Jae-Yi discovers that Yun-Gi has made his artists do inappropriate challenges for dollars. He also has video clips of the victims. Therefore, the artists have not exposed the CEO however. The company’s employees chief claims, “Why would they [artists] renew their contracts with him immediately after seven years if it not for that?” She even additional learns that the clips are concealed in Yun-Gi’s protected.

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The upcoming day, Ha-Ri invited Yun-Gi to his “fake” workplace, exactly where by he set up several desktops. Yun-Gi is made to envision that the salesman runs a huge drug racket functioning with AI (Artificial Intelligence). To entice the CEO deeper into his scam, Ha-Ri gaslights him in believing he desperately desires to function with Ha-Ri. The two ultimately created a deal exactly where by Yun-Gi skilled to spend seven billion gained to Ha-Ri.

On the other hand, Jae-Yi and Byung-Min retain track of the special film clips in Yun-Gi’s enterprise. After a chaotic mission, Jae-Yi bumps into an outdated mate who is the CEO’s artist. She tells him that she has gotten rid of the genuine video information files but has no idea if he has manufactured copies. Jae-Yi advises that he has to struggle his incredibly personal battles relocating forward.

The Participant 2: Master of Swindlers episode 3 ending: Song Seung-Heon seeks Ha Do-Gwon’s help to catch Park Gun-Hyung

In the path of The Player 2: Learn of Swindlers episode 3 ending, Ha-Ri convinces prosecutor Do-Soo to assistance him capture Yun-Gi. 

Ha-Ri and Do-Soo established their tactic in motion on the functioning day when the former fulfills Yun-Gi as soon as once more. This time, the CEO brings bodyguards and requires Ha-Ri to a diverse spot, promising to show him the options. Issues do not glance great when Yun-Gi bids them farewell in the mid-way. Ha-Ri and his adult males are then taken to some other locale to satisfy Yun-Gi’s vendor. Owing to the adjust of motor cars, Soo-Min and Byung-Min, who are tracking Ha-Ri, shed make contact with. 

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Yun-Gi returns and greets Ha-Ri and his gentlemen at the new secluded location. When Ha-Ri asks about the vendor, a man comes from driving. However, he is the subordinate of Jeffrey, the extremely powerful prison who killed Cha Ah-Ryung in episode 1. Will Ha-Ri and his close pals depart unharmed? Only time will clarify to.

The Participant 2: Master of Swindlers airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on tvN and Viki.

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