Star Trek Confirms the Final Frontier Is Secretly a Trap


  • T’Lir, the final of the Organians, warns of the horrors of godhood in
    Star Trek
  • Kahless embarks on a quest to kill the gods, resulting in a reign of terror–and doubtlessly the finish of the universe.
  • Humanity’s progress to godhood may very well be a entice to keep away from, as seen in the attitudes of the Organians.



Warning: incorporates spoilers for Star Trek #20!

Over the previous three years, IDW’s flagship Star Trek title has redefined what precisely the “final frontier” means, however now it has been revealed as a potential entice. In Star Trek #20, T’Lir, the final of the Organians, has some pointed feedback about being a god-like being. Previously, it had been established this was humanity’s destiny, however T’Lir’s observations make it sound horrible.

Star Trek #20 is written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, and drawn by Megan Levens. T’Lir displays again to their life on Organia, earlier than completely incorporating into the physique of a Vulcan.

Star Trek Organians 1

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On Organia, they discuss to their father about the outdated methods, earlier than the Organians grew to become gods. Their angle in direction of the outdated days borderlines on nostalgia.

Star Trek Organians 2

In a textual content piece made to resemble their diary, they talk about a craving they’re feeling, for one thing greater than what’s on Organia.

Star Trek Organians 3

Being a god, they conclude, results in stagnation.

The Gods Of the Star Trek Universe Are Afraid for the First Time

Kahless Took His Predecessor’s Mission to Heart

IDW’s Star Trek title used the franchise-spanning god battle as a technique of exploring the relationship between individuals and their gods. Kahless, the Klingon Emperor, took up the mandate of his namesake and launched into a quest to kill the gods as soon as and for all. Forcing the Shapers of Sardakesh to construct him a god-killing weapon, Kahless launched into a campaign of vengeance, forcing the Bajoran Prophets to ship Benjamin Sisko again to our actuality to cease him. Numerous gods, reminiscent of the Organians or the Crystalline Entities, fell earlier than Kahless’ reign of terror quickly concluded.

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One of Kahless’ first victims was Gary Mitchell. Gaining god-like powers in the second Star Trek pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” Mitchell finally grew into them, shaping planets and whole star techniques. Despite his nice energy, Kahless kills him. Before Kahless delivered the dying blow, nevertheless, Mitchell concluded that humanity’s final endgame was to change into gods themselves. Other statements from throughout the franchise, from different god-like beings reminiscent of Q, affirm this destiny. In time, humanity will likely be like the Organians, and perhaps much more highly effective.


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Is Star Trek’s Final Frontier Truly a Trap?

Or Can Humanity Transcend Even the Gods?



Yet the Organians’ attitudes appear to recommend a completely different route for humanity: stagnation and stasis. On Organia, T’Lir was chided for his or her need to discover, be taught and really feel. T’Lir noticed issues in the universe their fellow Organians didn’t, they usually have been ostracized. Growth and progress are two of Star Trek’s greatest underpinnings, and their path to eventual godhood confirms this. Yet, to listen to T’Lir discuss, godhood is the actual reverse of those values. If T’Lir is true about godhood, and if humanity’s progress to it’s certainly the closing frontier, then it makes it a entice to be averted.

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Star Trek #20 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!

Star Trek #20 (2024)

Star Trek 20 Cover

  • Writer: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
  • Artist: Megan Levens
  • Colorist: Lee Loughridge
  • Letterer: Clayton Cowles
  • Cover Artist: Megan Levens

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