Star Wars’ Upcoming TV Show Sounds Like A Star Trek Ripoff


  • Star Wars: Skeleton Crew
    shares a plot related to
    Star Trek: Prodigy
    , a departure from the regular
    Star Trek
  • Although the plot overlap is there, it is an fascinating convergence in between rival sci-fi franchises.
  • Focusing on a group of little ones going on an adventure,
    Skeleton Crew
    ‘s premise sounds fantastic for
    Star Wars



Star Wars: Skeleton Crew will be the subsequent addition to the “Mandoverse” Star Wars TV shows, but its premise sounds like a ripoff of a specific Star Trek series. Set to release about Christmas 2024, Skeleton Crew is a coming-of-age drama starring Jude Law and a group of youngsters as they travel across the Star Wars galaxy. Little else is identified about the series, but that leaves Skeleton Crew complete of possible, and the standard premise promises a moving and heartfelt story.

However, some fans had been speedy to note that the plot of Skeleton Crew is remarkably related to 1 of the current Star Trek TV shows. While this is probably a coincidence, as Star Wars shows commit years in improvement, it is nonetheless a uncommon and fascinating convergence in between two rival sci-fi franchises. So what precisely tends to make the two shows appear so related, and why may well it essentially be superior for Skeleton Crew?


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Star Wars: Skeleton Crew: Cast, Story &amp Everything We Know

The upcoming reside-action TV show, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, appears to be a fascinatingly distinctive Disney+ show. Here’s what is identified about it so far.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Follows A Very Familiar Star Trek Formula

Star Trek: Prodigy also follows a group of little ones who locate a spaceship

Star Wars Skeleton Crew's Jude Law and a calendar

Although Skeleton Crew is meant to expand the Star Wars franchise, its premise sounds extremely related to the animated Star Trek: Prodigy. According to series creator Jon Watts, Skeleton Crew will adhere to a group of little ones who locate a buried spaceship and travel the galaxy to locate their way dwelling, a description that undoubtedly caught the interest of Star Trek fans. Prodigy also follows a group of youngsters forced into a life of mining, but when they find out a state-of-the-art Starfleet vessel, they commandeer the ship and set out to locate the United Federation of Planets in the Alpha Quadrant.

While no story is ever fully original, it is admittedly funny that the standard plot of Skeleton Crew is so related to Prodigy. Star Wars is normally accused of copying itself with current motion pictures and TV shows, so it is a strange turn of events to see Star Wars accused of copying its largest franchise rival. However, 1 aspect of Prodigy may perhaps illustrate that Skeleton Crew is taking the right strategy with its story.

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Star Trek: Prodigy Felt Like A “Wars” Show Anyway!

A band of heroes on an adventure is regular for Star Wars

Star Trek Prodigy

Apart from becoming the franchise’s initial 3D animated series, Prodigy does not actually really feel like a Star Trek show, at least not at the starting. Most Star Trek shows adhere to a group of skilled Starfleet officers on a mission of exploration and discovery, but Prodigy requires a diverse strategy by focusing on aliens who know practically nothing about Starfleet or the Federation. A group of ragtag underdogs banding collectively to go on an adventure and fight a potent enemy is a formula generally connected with Star Wars.

Star Trek Prodigy TV series poster

Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy is the initial TV series in the Star Trek franchise marketed toward youngsters, and 1 of the couple of animated series in the franchise. The story follows a group of young aliens who locate a stolen Starfleet ship and use it to escape from the Tars Lamora prison colony exactly where they are all held captive. Working collectively with the enable of a holographic Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), the new crew of the USS Protostar should locate their way back to the Alpha Quadrant to warn the Federation of the deadly threat that is pursuing them.

This indicates Skeleton Crew is on the correct track with its premise, even if it is related to Prodigy. It would not be the initial time these franchises copied each and every other, as J.J. Abrams was heavily inspired by Star Wars when he directed the 2009 Star Trek reboot. All that matters is no matter whether Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is a superior show and a meaningful addition to the franchise, but fans will have to wait till later this year to locate out.

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