steven seagal broke sean connery's wrist

Steven Seagal once broke Sean Connery’s wrist while training him for a Bond movie

Ahead of he was an motion star, Steven Seagal educated Sean Connery for a James Bond film, and broke his wrist.

steven seagal broke sean connery's wrist

Several folks may possibly not know this, but correct prior to Steven Seagal’s action movie heyday, he worked as a martial arts instructor and choreographer. Most famously, he was super agent Michael Ovitz’s martial arts trainer. Ovitz, notoriously, deemed he could make anyone a film star, and proved it by securing Steven Seagal a motion image give at Warner Bros, exactly where by he made Over the Legislation… and the rest was record.

A unique man Steven Seagal skilled was Sean Connery, who was just 1 of Ovitz’s initial essential shoppers. The agent paired Connery up with Seagal to get him into shape for the unofficial James Bond movie, Hardly ever Say Under no situations All more than once more. Connery was fifty-two at the time and had a pair of battle sequences in the movie, so Seagal was introduced in to whip him into kind. 1 day, despite the fact that sparring, Seagal broke Connery’s wrist. The urban legend is that Connery did a factor that constructed him angry, and the assault was deliberate, but that appears difficult to think. Connery himself was fond of telling the story, ordinarily portraying it as an incident, such as in this interview he did with Jay Leno back in the nineties.

“We experienced this schooling in the building the place I had an condominium, and he was truly very great,” Connery suggests, mentioning that the training was in Aikido. Connery admits he got a minimal cocky basically mainly because “I believed I realized what I was accomplishing. The principle is that it is defence so its a pyramid, and I received a bit flash and I did that (keeping arm outside the pyramid) and (miming a chopping movement) he broke my wrist! It was so effectively put alongside one another here that I even now have it…broken.” Certainly, Connery tells Leno that twelve years correct just after the incident a medical doctor explained to him the wrist was nevertheless broken, and maintains it continue to gave him difficulties in chosen motions.

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It will need to be stated that Connery does not seem all that fazed or even offended in the telling of the tale, and at the time Seagal’s moi was in verify adequate that it (likely) was just that – an accident. Of class, his egomania did get the far greater of him as time went on, these sorts of as an notorious tale we have written about under that concerned him yelling at Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau of all folks, and the point that he only has forty-1 minutes of screentime in Beneath Siege. No matter what the case may possibly possibly be, I handle that the initially 5 films Steven Seagal made (Above the Legislation, Tricky to Get rid of, Marked for Demise, Out for Justice and Below Siege) are all pretty amazing, despite the fact that you can entirely quit there and – with the feasible exception of Government Final choice – rather a lot discard all the points else he ever did.

Do you really feel it was an incident that Seagal broke Connery’s wrist, or do you take into account the city legend that Seagal was angry? Enable us know in the opinions.

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