‘Supernatural’s Finest Demon Is in Season 1

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  • Meg, portrayed by Nicki Aycox, was one particular of the most potent and memorable demons on
    in the course of its initial season.
  • Meg’s redemption arc in later seasons could not match the intensity and influence of her initial portrayal as a bloodthirsty and frightening villain.
  • Demons on
    had been scarier and had extra mystery in the show’s early years, compared to the later seasons exactly where demons became much less menacing and had redemption arcs.

Rather of asking yourself endlessly if we are acquiring a Season 16 of Supernatural, now is the ideal time to appear back at all the outstanding demons that the Winchesters faced. From the original demonic antagonist, the Yellow-Eyed Demon, to Lilith, and sooner or later, the “King of Hell” Crowley (Mark Sheppard), there is no brief list of demonic adversaries that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) had to tackle across 15 seasons and 327 episodes. But, of all the demons in the show’s expansive history, one particular stands out amongst the rest: Meg.

This demon underwent a strange redemption arc more than the course of her tenure on the series (which ran all the way by way of Season eight). Nevertheless, there is no denying that Meg’s most potent moments on Supernatural take place in the show’s quite initial batch of episodes. Freshman year can be tough, and at the starting, Supernatural was nonetheless attempting to figure out its brand. It knew that it was a weekly horror road show, that a lot was particular, but Season 1 has no angels, couple of demons, no “Road So Far” sequence (till the finale, anyway), and only a single Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) look. But, one particular factor it got appropriate from the get-go was its demons.

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Meg Masters Challenged the Winchesters on ‘Supernatural’

Initially played by none other than the late Nicki Aycox, Meg initial appeared in “Scarecrow,” a fan-preferred about a pagan god that masquerades as a modest-town scarecrow. In spite of the seemingly outlandish premise, this episode is one particular of the ideal monster-of-the-week Supernatural stories, and a lot of the episode follows Sam and Dean on their personal separate adventures. When Dean stays behind to deal with the monster, Sam decides to leave in search of their father, and it is then that he meets a fellow hitchhiker named Meg Masters.

At initial, we’re led to think that Meg is just a typical drifter like Sam, hoping to hitch a ride out of town to escape her intrusive family members, but by the finish of the episode, we understand that Meg is functioning for the Yellow-Eyed Demon immediately after she slits her driver’s throat and utilizes his blood to get in touch with up her demon dad. Meg returns a couple of episodes later, this time in Chicago in the course of the episode “Shadow.” Turns out, she’s been tracking Sam and Dean for the Demon in hopes of luring their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), out from hiding. Surprisingly, it performs, and Meg practically has the 3 Winchesters killed just before they get away.

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Every single ‘Supernatural’ Season, Ranked According to Rotten Tomatoes

“Saving persons, hunting items. The family members enterprise…”

Aycox’s Meg returns when extra in Season 1 in the course of the two-component finale “Salvation” and “Devil’s Trap.” Right here, she’s at her most bloodthirsty and frightening, but nothing’s scarier right here than her exorcism (extra on that in a bit). In the early years of Supernatural, Meg was one particular of these villains that you just loved to hate, and there is no denying that her time on screen was often potent. Largely, that was due to the fact of Nicki Aycox herself, who was a best cast.

‘Supernatural’s “Devil’s Trap” Episode Changed the Series

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles as John (possessed by the Yellow Eyed Demon) and Dean Winchester in Supernatural
Image through The CW

With the initial season finale “Devil’s Trap,” Supernatural requires a dark turn. Inside the initial 5 minutes (immediately after that potent classic rock intro), Meg kicks down Bobby’s door, demanding the Colt. Soon after throwing Dean across the area and threatening the boys anything fierce, Meg is caught in a Devil’s Trap (therefore the name) and Sam starts to execute an exorcism. The initial of its sort in the series, this exorcism set the tone for the rest of the show, which (in numerous techniques) fails to capture the intensity and intimacy of its initial try.

This exorcism is not specifically on the very same level as anything you’d observed in The Conjuring or The Exorcist, but it is undoubtedly one particular for the Television record books. As far as network tv was concerned, this bit is specifically scary, and the way the demon continues to lie to the Winchesters in spite of its discomfort is anything that later demonic adversaries could’ve discovered a factor or two from. The initial 15 minutes of this episode are undoubtedly not for the faint of heart, and Aycox delivers an impeccable functionality in her final moments as the Winchester’s initial demon rival (properly, second if you count Yellow-Eyes).

Tragically, Nicki Aycox is not in the rest of the episode (which is an exceptional finale, by the way) but immediately after the demon is sent back to Hell, the true Meg Masters dies quickly immediately after, working with her final breaths to assistance Sam and Dean locate their father. By Season two, the demon Meg returns, this time possessing Sam himself (“Born Beneath A Poor Sign”), which is one particular of the scariest bits the show ever forced us by way of. Confident, Jared Padalecki does wonderful, but nothing at all beats Nicki Aycox’s snarky and sadistically scrumptious portrayal of the demon, which sadly comes to an finish also quickly.

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Nicki Aycox’s Meg Is ‘Supernatural’s Scariest Demon

Nicki Aycox as the demon Meg Masterson, wearing a red leather jacket on Supernatural
Image through The CW

For the duration of her 4-episode tenure as the technically unnamed demon identified as Meg, Aycox utilizes a mixture of her signature appear, her commanding presence, and a twisted smile to scare audiences, and it performs. In Episode four, “Phantom Traveler,” the initial demon the Winchester’s battle onscreen is somewhat chaotic. There is no rhyme or purpose for its need to crash planes, it just does. But with Meg, this demon is tactical and deceptive. At one particular point, she even leads Sam to think that he has the upper hand, only to turn on the brothers and practically kill them.


1 of ‘Supernatural’s Greatest Strengths Also Produced the Show Iconic

Carry on, my wayward sons.

Lots of demons on Supernatural use scare techniques such as telekinesis and spooky eye reveals to place our heroes (not to mention, us) on edge, but Meg utilizes her sexuality, emotional manipulation, and even witchcraft to lure Sam into a false sense of safety. Fortunately, it does not perform, but even immediately after throwing her out a window, the Winchesters are not no cost of Meg rather however. Her return in “Salvation” is even extra impactful as she starts to slaughter John Winchester’s good friends and allies one particular by one particular till he provides her what she desires: the demon-killing gun identified only as the Colt.

But possibly the most tragic component of Meg’s story is the young lady, the actual Meg Masters, who is trapped inside her personal physique. The frightening revelation that the actual, human Meg saw virtually almost everything the demon created her physique do, and felt all the discomfort the Winchesters inflicted on her, is horrible (even though, think it or not, the anime adaptation is a lot worse). It only gets worse when, immediately after exorcising the demon, Meg’s physique falls apartconsidering the fact that the demon partied also tough in its “meatsuit.” Aycox returns to the show only when extra in the Season four episode “Are You There, God? It is Me, Dean Winchester,” this time as the vengeful ghost of Meg Masters who is unleashed on the Winchesters by Lilith. Apparently, resting in peace wasn’t an alternative.

Early Demons Like Lilith and Alastair Had been ‘Supernatural’s Most Frightening

Of course, component of the purpose Meg is one particular of the ideal demons (specially the earliest iteration of the character) to ever step foot on the show is that demons had been just a lot scarier when Supernatural was nonetheless in its early years. Back then, the series was completely committed to becoming a weekly horror show and was nonetheless a couple of seasons away from becoming a complete-blown sci-fi/fantasy. This meant that the stakes had been nonetheless fairly higher, and whilst the Winchesters nonetheless cheated death (generally extra than when), there had been genuine consequences. Take into account the likes of Meg or the Yellow-Eyed Demon compared to Season 13’s Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) or Belphegor (played by Alexander Calvert) from the final season. The initial two are not only extra frightening in sheer techniques, single-mindedness, and character, but there was a lot extra mystery to demons back in Supernatural‘s early seasons compared to the back half of the show. Asmodeus wasn’t a lot extra than comic relief at instances, whilst the Yellow-Eyed Demon was often a significant threat, even when he cracked a joke.

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‘Supernatural’s 1st Season Loses One thing Particular on Streaming

“Saving persons and hunting items” performs ideal to the sounds of classic rock.

Furthermore, demons did not get redemption arcs, as Supernatural committed them completely to evil, even in the case of Ruby (Katie Cassidy, Genevieve Padalecki) who is revealed to be a double agent the whole time. There is no denying that Supernatural has its fair share of exceptional demonic antagonists. Lilith is one particular of the ideal, and Season four introduces us to a quantity of nefarious demons, which includes Alistair (played ideal by Christopher Heyerdahl), who is one particular of the most frightening. As far as fan-favorites go, Crowley and the Azazel (played largely by Fredric Lehne) have some of the ideal material to perform with and are arguably some of the most notable of the Winchesters’ enemies (and, in Crowley’s case, eventual allies).

As time went on, Aycox was sooner or later replaced as the demon Meg by actress Rachel Minercome Season five, who tends to make a considerable work at producing the villain her personal. For a couple of years, it worked wonderful. Meg was nonetheless as diabolical as ever, but quickly the angel/demon plotlines grew tired. 1 of Supernatural‘s greatest flaws the longer it ran was not recognizing what to do with particular characters, correctly turning them into caricatures of their earlier selves. When Meg does not endure that fate, her redemption arc in the later years is a far cry from the character we initial met back in Season 1, a villain who would quit at nothing at all to get her revenge on Sam and Dean.

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