The 20 Most Important Moments In Star Wars’ 22-Year Clone Wars Saga


  • The Clone Wars era of Star Wars introduced new characters and created beloved originals shine in a new light.
  • The iconic Battle of Geonosis marks the official begin of the Clone Wars, unveiling a new era for the Star Wars galaxy.
  • Ahsoka’s journey from Padawan to Rebel agent showcases the evolution of characters and complicated narratives in the series.



With the Star Wars: The Bad Batch series ending now getting aired, the Clone Wars era of Star Wars has come to an finish following 22 years. With so significantly content material coming out across many distinct Star Wars shows and motion pictures, there are a lot of essential and pivotal moments that are hugely memorable. The Clone Wars era of Star Wars added to this by introducing audiences to a plethora of new characters and permitting other characters from the original Star Wars trilogy to be observed in a new light.

The Clone Wars began as a throw-away line spoken amongst Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars film, later retitled A New Hope. At the time, no a single knew what the Clone Wars had been, and why Luke’s father fighting alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi was such a large deal. However, when George Lucas created the Star Wars prequel trilogy, points became significantly clearer. From there, Lucas additional expanded on the Clone Wars by creating the animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which ran for seven seasons and spawned many spin-offs and shorts – developing a lot of new memorable moments.


Clone Wars Timeline Explained: When Each Season Takes Place (Including The Bad Batch)

All seven non-chronological seasons of The Clone Wars take spot inside a 3-year period, but exactly where does a single year finish and the subsequent commence?

20 The First Battle Of Genonosis Kick-Starts The Clone Wars

Attack of the Clones (2002)

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Movie Poster

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Years following the events of The Phantom Menace, the Skywalker Saga continues with Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. When Senator Padme Amidala’s life is threatened, Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are tasked with her protection. While Obi-Wan uncovers a clone army created in secret, Anakin falls in like with Padme, marking the starting of his inevitable fall to the dark side of the Force.

Release Date
May 16, 2002

Ewan McGregor , Hayden Christensen , Natalie Portman , Ian McDiarmid , Samuel L. Jackson , Christopher Lee , Anthony Daniels , Kenny Baker , Frank Oz , Temuera Morrison , Ahmed Best , Daniel Logan

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones introduced the Grand Army of the Republic, also named the Clone Army. The army was led by the Jedi Knights, who had been created generals, and they commanded the ranks of clones. These clones had been initially commissioned by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas and would see their 1st bout of action on the planet Geonosis. This battle took the lives of a lot of clones and Jedi, but also was the official begin of the Clone Wars. From this point forward, the clones of Jango Fett had been at the center of galactic politics and battle approach.

19 Ahsoka Tano Becomes Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan

The Clone Wars (2008)

Ahsoka Tano

The apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano was an achieved Padawan who served throughout the Clone Wars. Ahsoka left the Jedi following she became disillusioned with the Jedi Council, but returned to serve in the Siege of Mandalore at the finish of the Clone Wars. She survived Order 66, becoming a Rebel agent throughout the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign, and her adventures continue in the New Republic era. Ahsoka was final observed stranded in a distant galaxy, getting failed to protect against Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return.

After the release of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, George Lucas began building the animated tv show The Clone Wars. The show was preceded by an animated film of the very same name, which kickstarted the complete basis of the show. The Clone Wars film showed Anakin Skywalker taking on a youngling named Ahsoka Tano as his apprentice. While Anakin was initially a reluctant master, he sooner or later warmed up to Ahsoka and promised to train her. This noted a substantial adjust from what audiences had previously identified about Anakin but also started a important shift in the sorts of stories told.

18 Anakin, Obi-Wan, &amp Ahsoka Visit Mortis

The Clone Wars Season 3, Episodes 15-17

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Poster

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars requires spot amongst Episodes 2 and 3 of the Star Wars film saga. The fan-preferred series expands the story of the prequel trilogy by way of characters which includes Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, and additional fan-preferred jedi.

Matt Lanter , james arnold taylor , Ashley Eckstein , Dee Bradley Baker , Matthew Wood , Tom Kane , Catherine Taber , Terrence Carson , Corey Burton , Nika Futterman , Katee Sackhoff , Sam Witwer

Release Date
October 3, 2008


Streaming Service(s)

Dave Filoni

In The Clone Wars season 3, there was a 3-episode arc that featured Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan going to the realm of Mortis, exactly where they met the living embodiments of the Force in the type of the Father, the Daughter, and the Son. While a lot of crazy points occurred to the trio, none was additional essential than the confirmation that Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One. Additionally, following the Son stabbed the Daughter, her final act was to save a dead Ahsoka Tano, which closely aligns Ahsoka with the light side of the Force.

Statues of the Father, Daughter, and Son appeared in the final shots of Ahsoka season 1, and may well have value moving forward.


Mortis Gods Explained: Star Wars History, Powers, Planet &amp Importance

The Mortis gods are some of Star Wars’ most potent Force-wielders, and Dave Filoni is working with them to unite The Clone Wars, Rebels, and now Ahsoka.

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17 The 501st Defies General Krell On Umbara

The Clone Wars Season 4, Episodes 7-10

Captain Rex

A essential figure amongst the clones, Captain Rex served beneath Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano throughout the Clone Wars. He defected following the establishment of the Empire, becoming an essential leader in the early rebellion. A disillusioned Rex eventually retired, but was brought back into play courtesy of Ahsoka’s abiding influence.

Dee Bradley Baker

Clone Army, Rebel Alliance

One of the greatest clone-centric arcs from The Clone Wars came in season 4, when Anakin Skywalker was temporarily replaced by General Pong Krell. Krell got final results, but had a higher casualty price. This trend continued on Umbara as he needlessly endangered clones. Eventually, some of the clones disobeyed Krell’s orders to enable bring the Republic a victory. In response, Krell had the clones unknowingly battle themselves, forcing them to partake in a heartbreaking round of friendly fire. Captain Rex decided that Krell would be executed for his act of treason, even though he wasn’t the a single to pull the trigger.

16 Ahsoka Tano Is Framed For Bombing The Jedi Temple

The Clone Wars Season 5, Episodes 17-20

The final arc of The Clone Wars season 5 saw Ahsoka Tano leave the Jedi Order following becoming framed for bombing the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Despite Anakin looking for the genuine perpetrator, the Jedi Council had all but located Ahsoka guilty prior to her trial. When Anakin sooner or later found that Barriss Offee was the a single to betray the Jedi, Ahsoka was acquitted, but lost her faith in the Jedi and chose to leave the Order. Ahsoka would sooner or later align herself with Bo-Katan Kryze and operate with the Jedi once again, even though she in no way rejoined the Order.

15 Fives Uncovers The Clones’ Inhibitor Chips

The Clone Wars Season 6, Episodes 1-4

The Clone Wars season 6 introduced the notion of inhibitor chips that had been implanted in all the clones. After a single malfunctions in a clone named Tup, ARC Trooper Fives decides to secretly investigate and uncovers the conspiracy behind the clone army. Fives learns that the inhibitor chips would be applied to handle the clones in a plot to wipe out the Jedi. Despite no a single else ever finding to hear the complete story, Fives had at least rattled Rex adequate to make a report about it. Fives regrettably died pondering he had failed his brothers.

14 Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, &amp The Bad Batch Recover Echo From The Techno Union

The Clone Wars Season 7, Episodes 1-4

Echo (CT-1409)

A loyal clone soldier, Echo was captured by the Separatists and transformed into a tool that they applied against the Republic. Rescued by Clone Force 99, Echo chose to join the group, and – like most of that mutant squad – he was not impacted by Order 66. Echo left the Bad Batch to operate alongside early rebel cells.

Dee Bradley Baker

Created By
Dave Filoni


The 1st handful of episodes of The Clone Wars season 7 acted as a backdoor pilot for Star Wars: The Bad Batch and introduced Clone Force 99. They teamed up with Rex and Anakin Skywalker to investigate a Separatist algorithm which Rex believed was Echo. Upon infiltrating the Techno Union, the group located an altered Echo in a stasis chamber. Echo had lost each of his legs and a single of his arms and was created into component cyborg. After winning the Battle of Anaxes, Echo decided to join Clone Force 99 alternatively of rejoining the 501st.

13 Ahsoka Tano Leads The Siege of Mandalore

The Clone Wars Season 7, Episodes 9-12

Darth Maul

Palpatine’s apprentice, Darth Maul was nothing at all additional than a tool to winnow down the ranks of the Jedi ahead of Darth Sidious’ accurate plans. Discarded following he was defeated by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Naboo, Darth Maul swore revenge against all these he blamed for his previous struggles – Jedi and Sith alike. Maul tended to operate inside the shadows, operating different syndicates, and even established himself as a accurate rival for Palpatine on at least a single occasion. He was sooner or later killed by Obi-Wan in a duel on Tatooine.

Sith/Shadow Collective, Crimson Dawn

After aligning with Bo-Katan Kryze, Ahsoka Tano, along with the 332nd business, led the Siege of Mandalore. The target of the siege was for Bo-Katan to reclaim her homeworld when the Republic forces captured Darth Maul. The action observed in this arc was astounding and has gone on to define the incredibly greatest of The Clone Wars. Ahsoka’s duel against Maul was spectacular and highlights just how skilled she had turn into in lightsaber combat. Her ultimate victory more than the former Sith apprentice was just as impressive as the victory on Mandalore.

Her ultimate victory more than the former Sith apprentice was just as impressive as the victory on Mandalore.

12 Order 66 Is Executed

The Clone Wars Season 7, Episodes 11-12 The Bad Batch Season 1, Episode 1, and Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Palpatine’s ultimate target of destroying the Jedi and taking handle of the galaxy lastly came to fruition when he declared Order 66 and activated the inhibitor chips inside the clone army. This declaration turned the clones against their Jedi Generals and had them executed for treason. While Order 66 has been observed in a lot of distinct Star Wars titles, handful of show the clones’ viewpoint. The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch highlight what the quick aftermath of Order 66 looked like, and how clone troopers had been changed forever.

11 Ahsoka Tano Removes Captain Rex’s Inhibitor Chip

The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 11

After Order 66 is declared, the clone troopers of the 332nd business turn on Ahsoka Tano and try to kill her. Captain Rex fights his inhibitor chip and mentions anything about Fives as he goes to shoot her. This leads Ahsoka to a report Rex filed following Fives’ death in The Clone Wars season 6. Ahsoka then captures Rex and removes his inhibitor chip. Rex would go on to encourage all of his brothers to have their chips removed. Rex’s reaction to his brothers attempting to kill him is genuinely heartbreaking and genuinely shows the tragedy of the clone army.


Every Clone Who Disobeyed Order 66 In Star Wars Canon &amp Legends

Star Wars’ Clone Troopers had been bred for absolute loyalty and secretly produced to destroy the Jedi…but not each and every a single obeyed the sinister Order 66.

10 Hunter Lets Caleb Dume Live During Order 66

The Bad Batch Season 1, Episode 1

Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 3 Poster Showing a Painted Battle Damaged Clone Helmet

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an action-adventure animated series set following the events of The Clone Wars, following Clone Force 99 (a.k.a. the Bad Batch.) Finding themselves immune to the brainwashing effects of Order 66, the Bad Batch turn into mercenaries for employ when outrunning the empire, now seeing them as fugitives of the law.

Dee Bradley Baker , Michelle Ang , Noshir Dalal , Liam O’Brien , Rhea Perlman , Sam Riegel , Bob Bergen , Gwendoline Yeo

Release Date
May 4, 2021


Dave Filoni

In The Bad Batch series premiere, Clone Force 99 seems on the planet Kaller to help Jedi Master Depa Billaba and her Padawan, Caleb Dume, in battle. During the battle, Order 66 is declared and Master Billaba tells Caleb to run. Confused, Hunter and Crosshair comply with the young Jedi, but Hunter sooner or later lets him escape. Star Wars Rebels enthusiasts know that Caleb Dume would develop up to be Kanan Jarrus, a single of the most important protagonists of the show. It’s later discovered that Clone Force 99 wasn’t impacted by their inhibitor chips for the reason that they had been defective clones​​​​​​​.

9 Kamino Is Destroyed By Admiral Rampart

The Bad Batch Season 1, Episodes 15-16

One of the most tragic events in The Bad Batch was the season 1 finale, which saw Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart order the destruction of Tipoca City on Kamino. The Bad Batch, reunited with Crosshair, barely tends to make it out alive, but the destruction of Kamino is final. The Empire would sooner or later go on to attempt to cover up their involvement in the city’s destruction, even though it was foiled by Rex and Senator Riyo Chuchi. The destruction of Kamino also meant the destruction of all their cloning facilities and investigation. However, their lead researcher, Nala Se, was taken off-globe beforehand.

8 Echo Leaves Clone Force 99 To Join Rex

The Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 8

The Bad Batch season 2 saw points get progressively worse for all clones, major to a mission on Coruscant with Rex. This certain episode ended with Echo creating the selection to leave Clone Force 99 to join Rex’s efforts to enable the clones. His goodbye with Omega was emotional, as she didn’t want him to go and leave their family members. He explained to her that he was going exactly where he was necessary and that it wouldn’t be forever. Echo would rejoin Clone Force 99 on distinct missions, but was in no way formally a component of the squad once again.

7 Emperor Palpatine Personally Retires The Clones

The Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 8

Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious

The senator for Naboo, Palpatine rose to energy and influence throughout the dying days of the Republic. In reality, his public persona was just a mask he was definitely Darth Sidious, greatest of the Sith Lords, and he applied his political capabilities and Machiavellian cunning to bring down each the Republic and the Jedi. Palpatine ruled his Galactic Empire for decades, till he was betrayed by his apprentice, Darth Vader. Even this wasn’t adequate to cease the Emperor, having said that, as he was resurrected by his followers – only to be defeated as soon as once again.

Following Senator Chuchi’s proof that Admiral Rampart ordered the destruction of Tipoca City in the Senate, Emperor Palpatine created a uncommon look. In his speech, he basically blamed Rampart for the destruction of Kamino, even even though he was just following Palpatine’s orders. Palpatine cites that for the reason that the clones beneath Rampart’s command so blindly followed his orders, the stormtrooper bill ought to be passed. This bill officially phases out the use of clone troopers in favor of the new stormtrooper initiative.

6 Tech Is Killed After A Mission Gone Wrong

The Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 16

Tech (Clone Force 99)

A mutant clone produced by the cloners of Kamino, Tech was a scientific genius who served as a essential member of Clone Force 99. He and the rest of his squad went rogue following Order 66 and the inauguration of the Empire, and eked out a living in the galaxy’s underworld. Tech tragically died on a single fateful mission, sacrificing himself for his brothers.

Dee Bradley Baker


The Bad Batch season 2 finale, “Plan 99,” saw Tech die partway by way of the episode by sacrificing himself so that the rest of Clone Force 99 would survive. It was a accurate moment of bravery for the fan-preferred clone, and his death would have lasting effects on the complete squad, specifically Omega. It was rumored that Tech may well have been conditioned into a single of the clone assassins, but that was disproved in The Bad Batch season 3. It was almost certainly for the greatest, as Tech’s sacrifice remains a meaningful moment for the Bad Batch.

5 Crosshair &amp Omega Are Detained On (&amp Escape) Mount Tantiss

The Bad Batch Season 2, Episodes 14-16, and Season 3, Episodes 1-3


A mysterious mutant clone produced by the Kaminoans, Omega longed to get away from Kamino and discover the galaxy. She was rescued from the Empire by Clone Force 99, and quickly became the heart of the group. The Empire nevertheless view Omega as precious, even though, and all indicators indicate her story could properly finish in tragedy.

Michelle Ang


Both Omega and Crosshair are taken to and detained at Mount Tantiss for distinct purposes—Crosshair to be experimented on to turn into a clone assassin, and Omega to be a motivating issue for Nala Se to operate on Project Necromancer. It’s not identified how lengthy Crosshair was detained on Mount Tantiss, but primarily based on the tallies Omega created in her cell, she had been there for 125 days. The pair would sooner or later operate with each other to escape at the starting of season 3 and would be reunited with the rest of Clone Force 99.


One of 5 mutant clones produced by the Kaminoan scientist Nala Se, Crosshair is a gifted marksman whose capabilities are virtually preternatural in nature. He was the only member of Clone Force 99 to be influenced by the clones’ inhibitor chip, but nevertheless chose to stay with the Empire for a time even following he’d had the chip removed. Crosshair is clearly on a path of redemption, having said that, a single that will lead him back to his brothers.

Dee Bradley Baker




Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Ending Explained (&amp What Happened To Clone Force 99)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3’s ending brought the show to a close, offering a lot of reveals, action sequences, and character conclusions.

4 Echo Infiltrates Mount Tantiss

The Bad Batch Season 3, Episodes 14-15

The final episodes of The Bad Batch showed Omega finding taken back to Mount Tantiss, and the rest of Clone Force 99 desperately attempting to get her back. Echo volunteers to board an Imperial ship to get the coordinates for the rest of the Batch. Because of his place on the Imperial ship, Echo applied his capabilities as an ARC Trooper to infiltrate the base without the need of becoming noticed—something that audiences hadn’t observed from him in a when. Once connected with Emerie Karr, the pair operate with each other to locate Omega and the rest of the clones becoming held there.

Echo applied his capabilities as an ARC Trooper to infiltrate the base without the need of becoming noticed—something that audiences hadn’t observed from him in a when.

3 Crosshair &amp Hunter Kill Royce Hemlock

The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 15

Hunter (Clone Force 99)

Leader of Clone Force 99, Hunter is a mutant clone produced with enhanced senses – gifts he utilizes to enable him strategize in combat operations. Hunter led his squad on numerous profitable missions throughout the Clone Wars, and they deserted shortly following Order 66. Hunter has turn into a father-figure to fellow mutant clone Omega, who he loves dearly and is sworn to shield.

Dee Bradley Baker


The Bad Batch series finale was a whirlwind of feelings and had audiences believing at a single point or yet another that each and every member of Clone Force 99 would die. No moment was additional tense than when Dr. Hemlock was attempting to escape with Omega cuffed to him. Omega trusted Crosshair to shoot the cuffs and then kill Hemlock, regardless of recognizing his shot had been off for most of the season. Crosshair and Hunter worked with each other to line up the shot, and they eventually freed Omega and took down Dr. Hemlock, officially freeing Omega from the Empire.

2 The Bad Batch Retire To Pabu

The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 15

There had been a lot of inquiries about what would occur to Clone Force 99 throughout the series finale, with some theories saying they would all die on Mount Tantiss. Amazingly, this didn’t occur, and all members of the Batch created it out of the Imperial base alive. Knowing that Dr. Hemlock’s investigation had been destroyed and the physician had died, the Empire no longer knew that it ought to be hunting Omega. This meant that the Batch was cost-free to reside having said that they wanted moving forward. The Bad Batch ended with Omega, Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Batcher searching serene on Pabu.

1 Omega Leaves Pabu To Join the Rebellion

The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 15

The Bad Batch season 3 finale saw an epilogue to the story of Clone Force 99 that place the finishing touches on the Clone Wars saga. This epilogue saw a grown Omega attempting to sneak off Pabu to join the Rebellion as a pilot. She was caught by Hunter, but the pair had a heart-to-heart conversation about why Omega had to leave. It was the greatest happily ever following audiences have ever observed in Star Wars, and it was a good conclusion not only to The Bad Batch, but also to 22 years of clone-centered Star Wars content material.

All Star Wars motion pictures and Television shows are readily available to stream on Disney+

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