The Acolyte BTS Video Confirms The Return of A Classic KOTOR Species


  • The presence of a classic Star Wars species from Knights of the Old Republic in The Acolyte has fans buzzing with excitement.
  • The look of the Selkath in The Acolyte marks their very first time in reside-action, bridging the gap in between Legends and Star Wars canon.
  • With much more prospective hyperlinks to the Old Republic era, the look of the Selkath in The Acolyte has heightened anticipation for the upcoming show.



A current behind-the-scenes video from the set of The Acolyte has confirmed the look of a classic Star Wars species from Knights of the Old Republic. The Old Republic is a section of the Star Wars timeline that has largely been absent from Star Wars canon. With The Acolyte‘s intriguing story getting set in the era of the Higher Republic, even so, some remnants of the Old Republic could creep into the show. this has triggered excitement to develop more than the upcoming Star Wars show, bolstered by a current BTS video celebrating the production crew of a galaxy far, far away.

The video was posted on YouTube by Autodesk, a enterprise that celebrates the production style of Star Wars every single year on May perhaps four. This video integrated some set reveals from The Acolyte, with eagle-eyed Star Wars fan JordanMaison taking to Twitter/X to point out an exciting Old Republic connection. In the background of the video, a mask can be spotted that resembles a Selkath. Selkath had been an iconic species in the Knights of the Old Republic video games, producing a lot of familiar with the lore of that series a lot much more excited about its connections to The Acolyte.

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Star Wars’ Canon Timeline Has A Huge Gap: Almost everything We Know About The Old Republic

The Old Republic has not been completely explored in Star Wars canon, but various stories and guides present insight into this era in the timeline.

The Selkath Have Appeared Ahead of In Star Wars Canon – But In no way In Reside-Action

The Iconic Old Republic Species Will Lastly Seem In Reside-Action Star Wars

A Selkath from Star Wars: The Clone Wars next to the cover art for Star Wars: Light of the Jedi

The Selkath getting involved in The Acolyte is causing such a stir due to the species’ absence from reside-action Star Wars. The Knights of the Old Republic series is now dubbed Legends, outdoors of Star Wars canon, and consists of two video games. As such, the primary style for the Selkath had only been shown in video game format just before. Regardless of this, the Selkath continued to seem in Star Wars canon, even though under no circumstances in reside-action.

The Selkath had been talked about in Star Wars: Light of the Jedi, the very first book in the Higher Republic era. This book is set just before The Acolyte, even though their existence in the exact same era of the Star Wars timeline explains the look of a Selkath. Although they had been talked about in Light of the Jedi, the Selkath had been not described in any important way, which means The Acolyte‘s reside-action styles have triggered a lot of excitement.

Similarly, the Selkath have appeared in various episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Considerably like their appearances in KOTOR, The Clone Wars is an animated show. With this in thoughts, the look of the species in The Acolyte will be their very first in reside-action, bringing an iconic Legends species to life in a way they have under no circumstances been just before. This, combined with additional prospective hyperlinks in between The Acolyte and the era of the Old Republic, causes the higher level of anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars Television show to skyrocket even additional.

Star Wars the Acolyte Poster Showing a Sith Standing Atop a Cliff Looking at the Sunrise

The Acolyte

The Acolyte is a tv series set in the Star Wars universe at the finish of the Higher Republic Era, exactly where each the Jedi and the Galactic Empire had been at the height of their influence. This sci-fi thriller sees a former Padawan reunite with her former Jedi Master as they investigate various crimes – all top to darkness erupting from beneath the surface and preparing to bring about the finish of the Higher Republic.

Supply: Jordan Maison

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