These 2 Survivor Players Are Rumored To Be Joining The Traitors Season 3 (Spoilers)


  • The Traitors season 3 might function Survivor legend Tony Vlachos and Carolyn Wiger, each recognized for their strategic gameplay.
  • Tony Vlachos, a two-time Survivor winner, could bring his chaotic and unpredictable method to The Traitors.
  • Carolyn Wiger’s mental fortitude and alliance-creating capabilities could make her a formidable player in The Traitors season 3.



The Traitors season 3 is finding prepared to film, and these two Survivor players are rumored to be joining the all-star cast for the thrilling game of deception. The Traitors, which became a single of the most-watched series in Peacock’s history throughout its most current season, brings collectively a group of reality Television stars for a approach game in the Scottish highlands. Though the very first season of the series provided a mix of civilian players and reality Television stars, The Traitors season 2 brought a group of big players in the reality Television space to play the game with every other.

As The Traitors season 3 is coming quickly, a lot of have been asking yourself what the cast will appear like. With filming for the season about to commence, two Survivor legends are reportedly joining the cast. According to Inside Survivor, two-time Survivor winner Tony Vlachos and Survivor 44 finalist Carolyn Wiger are amongst the cast members of The Traitors season 3. Tony has appeared on the show’s 28th season, Survivor: Cagayan, the show’s 34th season, Survivor: Game Changers, and the show’s 40th season, Survivor: Winners At War. Carolyn was the second-runner up of Survivor 44, coming in behind two of her allies.

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Tony Vlachos &amp Carolyn Wiger Would Be Formidable Traitors Players

As Survivor alumni have completed properly on The Traitors in the previous, it is probably that Tony and Carolyn would do properly playing the deceptive, strategic game. As a former cop, Tony has the instruction and preparedness to take on any part, which would make him superior as a Traitor or a Faithful in the game. Throughout his tenure on Survivor, Tony has been recognized as a single of the ideal players in the history of the game. Tony is recognized for making use of a chaotic method, playing the game with reckless abandon that tends to make his moves unpredictable, and as a result tough to catch.

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While Carolyn might not have as a great deal Survivor encounter as Tony, her time on the series was an remarkable feat of mental fortitude. Carolyn was a sturdy player all through Survivor 44, creating alliances that helped her to create a foundation of energy regardless of what competitions she was capable to win. Much like Tony, Carolyn was recognized throughout her season for her in some cases erratic behavior that created her threatening but also created it tough to pin her down. Known for major with her feelings, Carolyn would be intriguing in either a Traitor or Faithful part on The Tratiors season 3.

With Tony and Carolyn potentially joining the cast of The Traitors season 3, there could be a big Survivor presence in the castle. In the previous, cast members who originate on the very same shows have aligned with a single a further, but with Tony and Carolyn each possessing a comparable brand of gameplay, it is attainable they might not want to be in every other’s circles throughout their time seeking for the Traitors in the game. Though their involvement hasn’t been confirmed, it would be fascinating to see these former Survivor castaways compete in a complete new atmosphere.

Sources: Inside Survivor, Carolyn Wiger/Instagram

  • The Traitors US TV Series Poster

    The Traitors (US)

    The Traitors is a reality competitors series that options celebrity and civilian contestants vying for a grand prize. They should engage in challenges though attempting to uncover the traitors in their midst. Based on the Dutch series, The US incarnation of Traitors is hosted by actor Alan Cumming. As the faithful attempt to stay clear of becoming “murdered” by the traitors, the traitors should operate collectively to evade banishment.

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    In this extended-operating reality competitors show, sixteen folks are split into two tribes and should survive off the land in different rural locales. Each week, they compete in challenges for sources, luxuries, or immunity — and every week, a single particular person is voted out by their teammates, losing their likelihood at becoming the sole Survivor.

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