What Happened To Amber Rachdi After My 600-Lb Life Season 3


  • Amber Rachdi lost 377 pounds on My 600-lb Life season 3 with the support of Dr. Now and bariatric surgery.
  • Amber says she’s by no means produced revenue becoming a social media influencer and operates in IT.
  • Amber is single and dispelled rumors that her social media hiatus was due to her gaining the weight back.



Amber Rachdi was a single of the stars of My 600-lb Life season 3 in 2015, and there is a lot to update fans on. Amber was just 23 years old and weighed about 660 lbs. When Amber produced her debut on My 600-lb Life, she was hoping to seek Dr. Younan Nowrazadan’s support. Amber’s weight challenges and addiction to meals began in her childhood when she was just 5 years old, and it consistently got worse as she grew up. As an adult, she no longer felt validated and stunning in her partnership with her companion Rowdy.

Besides losing weight, Amber also had to overcome anxiousness challenges and the paralyzing worry that she wouldn’t be in a position to stick to Dr. Now’s suggestions. However, the Oregon native’s determination paid off, as she lost about 17 lbs, qualifying her for a gastric bypass surgery right after altering her consuming pattern. After the surgery, Amber continued operating towards her objective, sooner or later shedding 377 lbs by the time she left the show, producing her a single of the most impressive results stories of My 600-lb Life. Here is an update about what has occurred to Amber due to the fact then.


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Amber Doesn’t Think She’s An Influencer

Due to her impressive stint on My 600-lb Life, Amber’s story and transformation have served as an inspiration for lots of other people hunting to comply with in her footsteps. Since leaving My 600-lb Life season 3, Amber, who is now living a healthier life, has grow to be a social media influencer with 321,000 followers on Instagram. While she has taken a hiatus and posts substantially significantly less regularly than she made use of to, Amber nonetheless enjoys interacting with her followers and delivers suggestions and guidance to these going by means of comparable experiences to what she went by means of on My 600-lb Life.

Amber’s fans and followers could feel of her as an influencer, but Amber does not. In her most current post, amongst other points, she addressed the notion that she was a social media influencer.

“I’ve never made a dime as an influencer, I work in IT, and times are hard for everybody.”

It appears Amber’s verified Instagram has just been one thing she’s kept up for fans and motivation for other people, not for monetary acquire.

My 600-lb Life’s Amber Rachdi Is A Mental Health &amp Body Positivity Activist

Amber Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin

My 600 lb Life Amber Rachdi Instagram post and mirror selfie 2

During her weight loss journey, Amber struggled with extreme anxiousness, and she began attending therapy right after the gastric bypass surgery, which helped her determine triggers and examine coping mechanisms. However, due to the fact leaving the show, Amber has grow to be a vocal advocate of mental overall health and physique positivity.

Amber also warns individuals about the dangers of finding complacent through their weight or mental overall health struggles. Throughout her time on My 600-lb Life, Amber showcased huge physical and psychological strength in order to accomplish her weight loss objective. Although she now lives a substantially healthier and happier life, it is great to see how Amber is actively assisting other people succeed and overcome the similar struggles she went by means of.

Amber Updated Her Fans On Her Progress In 2024

Amber Got Real About Her Weight Loss

My 600 lb Life Amber Rachdi Instagram post and mirror selfie

In 2023, Amber was largely quiet on Instagram, which was a unique social media presence that fans had gotten made use of to from her in instances previous. That mentioned, rumors have been going about that Amber was no longer active on social media mainly because she gained the weight back. Amber hopped back on Instagram in January 2024 to address the rumors and let My 600-lb Life fans know how she was performing honestly.

“In truth, I’m just tired, working a lot, have gotten older, don’t feel attractive, and I’m mentally focused on other things. I did start a semaglutide injection, despite my conflicted feelings on the topic, and I lost a fair amount of weight.”

Amber reminded fans it had been 10 years due to the fact she filmed My 600-lb Life season 3. “Forgive my absences, most days I am just too tired to even think about “becoming a public figure.'” Amber also urged her following, “Let me rest. And also, as a human, I am certainly permitted to acquire and drop weight in peace.”

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Who Is Amber Dating?

Amber Had A Boyfriend On My 600-lb Life

During My 600-lb Life season 3, Amber was dating her boyfriend Rowdy (by means of TLC.) While he described that he liked larger ladies he did not want his girlfriend to be placing herself into an early grave. That mentioned, right after Amber lost the 267 pounds, she and Rowdy broke up, while Amber defended him as becoming a great buddy who went to the fitness center with her. In 2016, Amber tweeted about finding married, and the man in question’s name was Steve.

However, it does not seem that Amber took the step into marriage with Steve. In 2024, she clarified her partnership status in the comments of her January post. When asked by a follower exactly where her boyfriend was, the My 600-lb Life star wrote, “I don’t have one of those, nor would I like to.” Amber is single as she continues to function on herself.

My 600-Lb Life

airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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