Zenless Zone Zero’s Producer Has A Refreshing Approach To Gacha Grind


  • ZZZ provides a distinctive urban fantasy practical experience, emphasizing city life and environmental style.
  • Daily grinding in ZZZ focuses on player immersion in urban activities rather than combat.
  • ZZZ aims for a committed neighborhood by way of its revolutionary method to dailies and gameplay mechanics.



The launch of Zenless Zone Zero looms substantial for gacha fans and invested players inside the a number of HoYoverse offerings that dominate this space. As an “urban fantasy” game that focuses heavily on its presentation – that description came up relatively typically although speaking to producer Zhenyu Li – it is taking a distinctive slant to the way its developer typically presents its games, which feels quite story- and character-1st. While these components are surely present inside ZZZ primarily based on its previous closed betas, its city life and its environmental style are the standouts hence far.

Something that is not as apparent as the a variety of streetwear, video game, and anime inspirations that litter the globe of Zenless Zone Zero is what its method will appear like to the every day grind that either entices or plagues the gacha neighborhood. It’s no exaggeration to say that dailies can make or break a game – and in our roundtable interview with Zhenyu Li through a ZZZ media occasion, he gave a refreshing take on how the upcoming urban fantasy adventure has changed, and how it will method such a essential element of its style:

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“For every day grinding, we have a particular style. Our game revolves about urban living, in contrast to
Honkai: Star Rail
for instance, exactly where players would want to do core combat [for dailies]. Our item is focused on urban living, so for instance, you can have a coffee in the morning or do some urban-connected activities, and you can full every day grinding that way.”


Zenless Zone Zero Feels Nothing Like Genshin Impact Or Honkai Star Rail (&amp That’s A Good Thing)

Zenless Zone Zero is quickly to be the most up-to-date member of the HoYoverse loved ones of games, and it is also the most various. That’s a fantastic point.

Zenless Zone Zero’s Solution For The Daily Grind Involves Grinds

A Breath Of Fresh Air In Gacha Gaming

For these much less familiar with the broader landscape of gacha games, Li’s answer may well not be all that intriguing. After all, it is fundamentally an indicator that if you want to, you can skip every day combat in favor of some urban life-style roleplay to get the identical rewards, and it is typically challenging to clarify just why that is so critical to the people today who play these games. Essentially, gacha gaming tends to necessitate every day logins to accumulate sources for absolutely free just for playing, letting people today accumulate currencies and products that will assistance them obtain future characters in the gacha devoid of necessarily needing to devote funds.

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So for a lot of who play games like Zenless Zone Zero, logging in every day is a necessity – it is typically 1 of the only constant techniques to accrue sources. Having dailies that are focused on player immersion and developing out the atmosphere and globe of ZZZ could be a revolutionary method to how HoYoverse titles facilitate every day logins and player engagement. I know when I heard the answer I was quickly a lot more most likely to choose up Zenless Zone Zero as aspect of my every day rotation I’d significantly rather have a relaxing coffee with characters I adore than fight the identical little mobs for the 100th time.

Zenless Zone Zero’s Release Date Will Try To Establish Proof Of Concept

Weeks After Launch, How Will Its Spin On Dailies Affect Player Engagement?

Of course, a refreshing answer is not normally the right 1. In our interview with Li, he typically referred to the urban fantasy setting as the game’s principal promoting point, but it is nonetheless an action-RPG at heart with some mechanical systems that are newer to the HoYoverse portfolio. In an excellent globe, players like the dodge program, chain-swapping, and fashionable attacks sufficient that they are delighted to do each combat and coffee for their dailies in a much less idyllic situation, they will gravitate purely to 1 or the other due to the fact the option is much less enjoyable.

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It remains to be noticed exactly where Zenless Zone Zero will land, but it is surely aiming higher. This is not a game that is playing it secure, but it is a game that knows its identity fairly completely thanks to its producer’s razor sharp concentrate on the principles informing its style choices. I know I’m grabbing coffee and roaming the city as typically as I can to full dailies at launch even although I’ve frequently enjoyed combat in prior beta tests – if sufficient people today have that philosophy, ZZZ may possibly obtain itself with a pretty committed core neighborhood fairly speedily.

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