All Whetblade Locations (& How to Use Them)

Elden Ring presents loads of flexibility when it comes to altering armaments, and gamers can change their weapons’ affinities utilizing varied Whetblades that may be discovered all through the Lands Between. Affinities change the scaling of a weapon, and a few present extra forms of harm, akin to Fire, Cold, or Poison.

While every Ash of War presents an affinity, Elden Ring’s Whetblades enable gamers to alter a weapon’s scaling and harm with out shedding its weapon ability. To apply completely different affinities to armaments in Elden Ring, gamers should first unlock Ashes of War in Elden Ring by acquiring a specific merchandise, which is the catalyst for upgrading your weapons.


All Larval Tear Locations In Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Larval Tears enable gamers to respec their stats in Elden Ring, and could be discovered everywhere in the Lands Between, in addition to within the new DLC area.

How To Change Weapon Affinities In Elden Ring

Use Any Site of Grace Or Blacksmith

Once gamers have obtained a Whetblade in Elden Ring, the affinities it could present will probably be out there after they change Ashes of War at a Site of Grace. There are a complete of 5 Whetblades to find, with their respective affinities out there when unlocked within the desk beneath:


Affinity Unlocked


Iron Whetblade

  • Adds Strength scaling
  • Adds Dexterity scaling
  • Adds/balances Strength & Dexterity Scaling

Glintstone Whetblade

  • Adds Intelligence scaling & Magic Damage
  • Adds Intelligence scaling, Magic Damage & Frost buildup

Red-Hot Whetblade

  • Adds Strength scaling & Fire Damage
  • Adds Faith scaling & Fire Damage

Black Whetblade

  • Adds Poison buildup
  • Adds Blood Loss buildup
  • Adds Arcane buildup

Sanctified Whetblade

  • Adds Dexterity scaling & Lightning Damage
  • Adds Faith scaling & Holy Damage

With these particular instruments, gamers can fine-tune nearly any armament to help their Elden Ring character’s construct, although a couple of particular weapons within the recreation have distinctive expertise and can’t be altered with Ashes of War or Whetblades.

To start this course of, gamers should first purchase the Whetstone Knife . This important merchandise unlocks the power to improve different weapons with various affinities. For occasion, a weapon that could not beforehand have the Bleed impact can now be altered to embody it.

Upon acquiring the Whetstone Knife, gamers can return to a Blacksmith, akin to Hewg, positioned on the Roundtable Hold or any Site of Grace for extra comfort, to apply Ashes of War to their weapons.

In Elden Ring‘s Site of Grace or Blacksmith menu, choose ‘Ashes of War’ and select the weapon you would like to customise. You will discover which you could choose any appropriate Ash of War with a passive impact and add it to your weapon. Upon choice, one other menu will seem labeled ‘Affinity Granted,’ offering a listing of all of the affinities out there on your weapon.

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This mechanic permits gamers to change their weapons’ stat and aspect affinities. The Full Measure factors out that even expertise that do not explicitly state they will fuse with, for instance, Poison or Bleed, could be altered to embody these results, thereby introducing new capabilities to your weapon.

After procuring the Whetstone Knife, gamers can proceed to find the remaining Whetblades to additional improve their weaponry, making certain their character’s construct is well-supported all through their journey in Elden Ring.

Whetstone Knife Location

Gatefront Ruins

Player picking up the Whetstone Knife from a chest in Elden Ring.

The Whetstone Knife could be discovered within the beginning space, Limgrave in Elden Ring, particularly at Gatefront Ruins. To find it, start on the ‘Gatefront Ruins’ Site of Grace and head in direction of the middle of the ruins, being conscious of the troopers and wolves patrolling the world.

Look out for a set of stairs close to a wheelbarrow, marked by a glowing torch above. These stairs descend to a small underground room. Open the door to uncover a chest containing the Whetstone Knife and the Ash of War: Storm Stomp.

With the Whetstone Knife, now you can manually apply affinities to your weapons. Additionally, the remaining 5 Whetblades every provide distinctive new affinities, as beforehand proven, that may be outfitted to additional improve your armament.

Iron Whetblade Location

Stormveil Castle

The Iron Whetblade's location in Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring.

The Iron Whetblade can add the Heavy, Keen, or Quality affinity to an armament in Elden Ring. The Heavy affinity will increase a weapon’s Strength scaling and reduces all different scalings, whereas the Keen affinity will increase the weapon’s Dexterity and reduces its Strength and Base Damage. The Quality affinity balances each Strength and Dexterity, offering a smaller enhance to each on the expense of the weapon’s base harm.

The Iron Whetblade could be present in Stormveil Castle close to the ‘Rampart Tower’ Site of Grace. By taking the elevator down from the tower, gamers will discover a small courtyard to the left of the room guarded by certainly one of Elden Ring’s Grafted Scions. There’s an armory by the door on the left with a corpse sitting cross-legged in entrance of the hearth, which gamers can loot to acquire the Iron Whetblade.

However, gamers will want a Stonesword Key to disperse the fog blocking the doorway to this armory.

Glintstone Whetblade Location

Raya Lucaria Academy

The Glintstone Whetblade's location in the Raya Lucaria Academy in Elden Ring.

The Glintstone Whetblade permits gamers to add a Magic or Cold affinity to their armaments. While each affinities enhance an Elden Ring weapon’s Intelligence scaling, the Magic affinity provides Magic harm, whereas the Cold affinity provides Frostbite buildup to the weapon.

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However, the Cold affinity will cut back all different scalings, whereas the Magic affinity will solely lower Strength, Dexterity, and Base Damage.

The Glintstone Whetblade in Elden Ring could be discovered on a corpse within the Raya Lucaria Academy workplace close to the ‘Debate Parlor’ Site of Grace. Just outdoors the Debate Parlor, a collapsed staircase leads to a bunch of magic-wielding Noble Sorcerers kneeling in entrance of the workplace with the Whetblade. The corpse is slumped over the balcony simply to the appropriate of the workplace’s door.


Elden Ring: All Flame Pillar Locations In Nokron (Regal Ancestor Spirit)

To combat with the Regal Ancestor Spirit in Elden Ring, Tarnished should gentle all six flame pillars inside Nokron’s Ancestral Woods to summon the boss.

Red-Hot Whetblade Location

Redmane Castle

The Red-Hot Whetblade's location in the Redmane Castle of Elden Ring.

As the identify suggests, Elden Ring’s Red-Hot Whetblade can add Fire and Flame Art affinities to an armament. While these affinities are comparatively related, the Fire affinity provides Fire harm to a weapon whereas lowering all different scalings. In distinction, the Flame Art affinity gives much less Fire harm however will increase Faith scaling.

The Red-Hot Whetblade could be discovered on a corpse inside Redmane Castle both earlier than or after the Radahn Festival part of Ranni’s quest in Elden Ring. From the ‘Chamber Outside the Plaza’ Site of Grace, gamers can run previous the flame-throwing troopers on the left to attain a path that leads straight to the room with the Whetblade.

If gamers discover Redmade Castle through the pageant quest, the door to this room will probably be closed till the hunt ends.

Black Whetblade Location

Nokron, Eternal City

The Black Whetblade's location in Nokron, Eternal City in Elden Ring.

The Black Whetblade is without doubt one of the harder Whetblades in Elden Ring because it’s positioned in an elective space that may be arduous to attain. This Whetblade grants entry to a few of the strongest affinities within the Ashes of War menu: Poison, Blood, and Occult, reflecting the trouble required to acquire it.

The Occult and Blood affinities enhance Arcane scaling on the expense of all different sorts, however the Blood affinity additionally gives extra Bleed buildup harm. The Poison affinity provides Poison harm to a weapon in Elden Ring whereas rising the weapon’s Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane scaling.

Commonly referred to because the Blood Whetstone in
Elden Ring
, the Black Whetblade could be probably the most helpful and highly effective objects within the recreation if gamers are wanting to create a Bleed construct.

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Elden Ring’s Black Whetblade is discovered on a corpse slumped in entrance of the altar within the Night’s Sacred Ground in Nokron, Eternal City. To attain this space, gamers can have to traverse town’s rooftops and ledges. From the steps with the massive, crumbling statues close to the ‘Ancestral Woods’ Site of Grace, gamers can soar onto the dome-shaped roof beneath to attain a big balcony the place a Silver Tear enemy lays in wait.

Just previous this balcony, a collapsed arch leads straight to the room with the Black Whetblade. The altar will probably be simply to the left after dropping into the room.

Sanctified Whetblade Location

Leyndell, Royal Capital

The Sanctified Whetblade's location in Leyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring.

The Sanctified Whetblade in Elden Ring can be utilized to add the Lightning or Sacred affinity to a weapon, helpful expertise to have till Elden Ring’s closing boss combat. The Sacred Affinity will increase Faith scaling and provides Holy harm on the expense of a few of the weapon’s base bodily harm.

For instance, the Lightning affinity will increase Dexterity scaling and provides Lightning harm, but it surely decreases the weapon’s base harm and Strength.

The Sanctified Whetblade is positioned in Leyndell, Royal Capital, which could be one of many extra harmful areas in Elden Ring. There’s an outside space between the ‘Fortified Manor – First Floor’ Site of Grace and the ‘West Capital Rampart’ Site of Grace, with a big tree falling in direction of the constructing.

To the appropriate of the tree, gamers can climb a picket platform to enter the manor by the door previous the collapsed a part of the balcony. Elden Ring‘s Sanctified Whetblade is positioned within the subsequent room in entrance of a small set of stairs.

Source: The Full Measure/YouTube

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