Antoni Porowski Dishes Up News on ‘Queer Eye Season 9’ [Interview]

The Big Picture

  • The Queer Eye reboot is a wholesome celebration of connection, uplifting LGBTQIA voices.
  • Antoni Porowski has new projects like a partnership with Lowe’s &amp Nat Geo series.
  • Antoni shares guidelines on gardening and fascinating updates on his Nat Geo series.

The renaissance of Queer Eye in 2018 has had a deep influence on everybody involved in the series. The reboot requires the original premise from its predecessor and opens it up to any person the new Fab Five can enable uplift. The series is a wholesome celebration of the energy of human connection, as effectively as a way to uplift LGBTQIA voices. When the reboot initial premiered, it became a cultural phenomenon, and eight seasons later, it is nonetheless going sturdy.

The strength of the series has opened doors to all sorts of new possibilities for the Fab Five as effectively, such as Antoni Porowski, the resident meals professional on Queer Eye. Antoni came up in the restaurant scene operating with Ted Allen, the present host of Chopped, who was his counterpart in the original series Queer Eye For the Straight Guy. He worked as Ted’s assistant as effectively as his private chef. Now, Antoni has his personal projects to uplift in addition to sustaining his part in the Queer Eye cast. He at present has a partnership with Lowe’s to inspire men and women to develop their personal fresh foods in their personal backyards. He also has a series in the functions with National Geographic referred to as No Taste Like Home, exactly where he travels the planet “to discover the rich heritages of global celebrities by way of their ancestors’ food traditions, techniques and culinary experiences.” Collider spoke with Antoni about his upcoming projects, as effectively as guidelines and tricks for these who have a green thumb.

‘Queer Eye’ Is Back With a New Fab Five Member

Antoni was in Las Vegas filming Season 8 of Queer Eye when he spoke with Collider. When asked about how issues are going, he shared, “It’s going good. It is very dry. I am using a lot of chapsticks. I am hydrated. I’m using my electrolytes. It’s a very interesting season– we have The Vegas Strip, which is just like shiny bright lights, and we’re spending a lot of time there.” There is also a new addition to the Fab Five. Jeremiah Brent joins the cast soon after the exit of Bobby Berk as the new interior style professional.When asked about how issues are going with Jeremiah, Antoni shared, “He’s a seasoned professional. He’s been on TV longer than all of us combined. Like, he literally used to do a show with Rachel Zoe, and he’s such a sweetheart. He shows up, he’s like the first person on set and the last one to leave, just very passionate about what he does.” Jeremiah has been featured lots of instances on HGTV alongside his husband, Nate Berkus, and they’ve co-hosted numerous shows on the residence improvement network collectively.

He also commented on how the series’ recognition has been a blessing but also a bit of a hindrance. Antoni stated, “The funny thing is, is like, with, as every season kind of continues, because we’re on season nine of the show now; ten if you count Tokyo, and the producers and the casting directors keep on trying to find people. And it’s harder and harder to [find people] who have actually never heard of the show.” It appears like issues are going effectively with the newest Fab Five member, and Antoni has his personal exciting projects to appear forward to as effectively.

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Antoni Gives Tips on Growing Veggies

Antoni Porowski standing with arms folding in a garden for 'No Taste Like Home' promo
Image by way of Nat Geo

Spring has sprung, and lots of men and women are frustrated with grocery retailer rates, to the point of wanting to attempt to develop their personal veggies and herbs. Antoni has partnered with Lowe’s Home and Garden to make these gardening dreams a reality. When asked about guidelines for novices, Antoni stated, “I think starting small, have a look at what your dietary needs and your eating habits are currently as you stand, and work from there. If you start getting too many things, and you get too overwhelmed, you’re less likely to really make this something that’s a long-term practice or something that you’re really passionate about, because you could just get overwhelmed.” He added, “Herbs are so quick. Mint grows like a weed. So do chives. Herbs get incorporated into actually each and every single meal of the day.

From there, you can move on to issues like greens, and you can get some attractive unique varieties of kale or some child arugula or some great mustard greens, and then from there, you can move on to issues like cucumbers or tomatoes, which need to have a shocking quantity of water, but you can do cherry tomatoes since they are a lot a lot easier, and they develop a lot faster, and they are freaking scrumptious, and they can be stored in the fridge.” However, Antoni additional explained tomatoes in basic should not be stored in cold locations. “Never place a tomato in the fridge, it alterations the texture, it gets gritty, it is not good, but cherry tomatoes undoubtedly function.

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In addition to his partnership with Lowe’s, Antoni is branching out with his personal series on Nat Geo: No Taste Like Home. When asked about updates on the new series, he shared, “I don’t have any updates. I do know that that’s going to be announced soon because upfront season is going to be starting. So I’m going to find out probably close to when everybody else finds out, but I’m so excited about the show.” He also shared additional about the series, saying, “It’s got elements of like the heart of Queer Eye, but on a very, in a very global way, we literally got to travel to, I think, four or five continents in a matter of a few months and exploring family history through the lens of food is something that’s always been deeply important to me just in my own reckoning with my own Polish heritage.” The series utilizes meals as a car to dig deep into the stories behind the foods, bringing people’s stories to the forefront. Antoni stated, “To be able to [experience] that with a lot of these extremely public figures who lead very private lives; who are willing to open themselves up about their insecurities; what they know and what they don’t know about their family’s history has just been really beautiful and fascinating. And I hope I get to do it forever.”

To hear additional about Queer Eye and additional on why you ought to in no way refrigerate your tomatoes, verify out the complete interview with Collider above. All 8 seasons of Queer Eye are obtainable to stream on Netflix. Watch on Netflix

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