Did EXO’s Suho Fall for Kim Joo-Heon’s Trap?

Missing Crown Prince episode 14 aired on Sunday, May 26, 2024, on MBN and Viki. Starring Hong Ye-Ji and EXO’s Suho, the interval romance Okay-drama revolves round a crown prince getting entangled in royal politics to guard his household.

In the earlier episode, Grand Prince Do Sung (Kim Min-Kyu) found Crown Prince Lee Gon (Suho) and Myung-Yoon’s (Hong Ye-Ji) relationship. Meanwhile, Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun took away Lee Gon’s title and renamed him Grand Prince Soo Seong. The episode ended with Myung-Yoon studying that her father, Sang-Rok (Kim Joo-Heon), killed her mom.

Missing Crown Prince episode 14 options Sang-Rok laying a entice for Soo Seong. The Inspector General creates a stir in public, which makes Soo Seong nervous about his household’s repute. Sadly, the demoted crown prince falls for Sang-Rok’s entice, which additionally impacts his relationship along with his brother, Do Sung. 

Missing Crown Prince episode 14 spoilers: Why did Suho & Kim Min-Kyu have a fallout? 

Missing Crown Prince episode 14 begins with the villagers studying a few “sly fox” (referring to Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun) within the palace. Soo Seong will get nervous in regards to the rumors and thus requests Do Sung to not reveal Sang-Rok and Soo-Ryun’s relationship in public. This is how the newly appointed grand prince falls for Sang-Rok’s entice.

Meanwhile, Soo-Ryun needs Queen Yoon out of her approach because the latter turns rebellious. Sang-Rok manipulates the officers and turns issues in his favor. During the investigation of a witness’ loss of life, Soo Seong is questioned after he confesses to killing the witness. In actuality, Queen Yoon has murdered her. Things get difficult when Soo Seong’s bodyguard submits the killing weapon, leaving his grasp in shock.

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After Queen Yoon is confirmed responsible, Soo Seong realizes he obtained performed. But his half-brother, Do Sung, is confused and can’t wrap his thoughts round the truth that Soo Seong didn’t save his mom. Meanwhile, Soo Seong learns how and why the reality got here out.

The former crown prince orders his bodyguard to go looking for the antidote for the poison that Sang-Rok gave the king. He believes solely his father can save Queen Yoon. When the bodyguard appears for proof in Sang-Rok’s home, he’s shocked to see Myung-Yoon. The latter was supposed to depart town after bidding farewell to Soo Seong a number of days in the past. 

With a chunk of proof, Myung-Yoon returns to the palace. She first meets Soo-Ryun and tells her that she has disowned her father for killing her mom. Later, Myung-Yoon meets Soo Seong, who initially turns into indignant at her. She explains that she has determined to not depart town to punish Sang-Rok and Soo-Ryun. 

Missing Crown Prince episode 14 ending: Kim Min-Kyu calls for to turn into the Crown Prince

Missing Crown Prince episode 14 additional reveals Soo Seong’s grandfather studying that his grandson is hiding Myung-Yoon. Before the phrase will get out, he sends his males to take her away from the palace.

Meanwhile, Do Sung’s grandfather is anxious after his daughter is punished for killing the witness. The solely resolution to avoid wasting her is to make his grandson, Do Sung, the crown prince. But the latter’s love for his half-brother might damage the plan. Hence, the aged man decides to create hassle between the brothers. He lies and manipulates Do Sung into considering Soo Seong doesn’t wish to defend him and his mom.

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Do Sung loses his mood after studying that his brother is hiding Myung-Yoon in a servant’s room. For context, Do Sung can be in love with Sang-Rok’s daughter. At the top of the episode, Soo Seong arrives on the proper time to guard Myung-Yoon from attackers. When he holds her hand, Do Sung arrives and grabs the opposite hand.

With rage in his eyes and voice, Do Sung says, “I will protect the people I care for! To protect her, I must become the crown prince.” 

Missing Crown Prince airs twice every week on Saturday and Sunday on MBN and Viki.

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