Dune 3 Needs To Be More Than A Messiah Adaptation & Use This 16-Year-Old Story Too


  • Dune 3 may perhaps draw from Dune Messiah and other Dune books to boost the story and characters.
  • The adaptation of Dune Messiah poses a possible conflict in storytelling with Dune 2’s ending.
  • Utilizing material from Paul of Dune can enrich Dune 3 by bridging the gap amongst Dune 2 and Dune Messiah.



Dune 3 is anticipated to be Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune Messiah, but the threequel need to also use a further Dune book’s story to make it superior. Villeneuve’s initial two Dune motion pictures are relatively faithful adaptations of Frank Herbert’s original sci-fi novel. Based on Dune: Part Two‘s ending and exactly where it leaves the characters, the setup currently exists for the franchise to move into tackling Herbert’s comply with-up book, Dune Messiah. The film picks up Paul Atreides’ story with him as the Emperor of the universe and the struggles he faces as a outcome of this energy.

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Messiah adaptation is nevertheless in the somewhat early stages of improvement, but expectations for what story Dune 3 will inform and who will be involved currently exist. The continued exploration of Paul and Chani’s appreciate story is assured, though Princess Irulan and Alia Atreides are poised for an even larger function. Sticking to the Dune Messiah story even brought teases of bringing back Duncan Idaho like in the supply material. Dune 3 is certain to mainly concentrate on Messiah‘s events and characters, but it need to incorporate additional from the Dune universe to be a additional full trilogy capper.


Dune: Part Three – Confirmation &amp Everything We Know

After the explosive ending of Dune 2, Dune 3 could cap off Denis Villeneuve’s Dune trilogy by focusing on the events of the novel Dune: Messiah.

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Dune Messiah’s Story Skips Over The Story Dune 2’s Ending Sets Up

The Holy War Isn’t In Messiah

One of the possible concerns that comes with adapting Dune Messiah is that it does not concentrate straight on the story that Dune 2‘s ending most prominently sets up. Villeneuve’s film tends to make a clear point to emphasize the starting of a Holy War that comes from Paul’s ascension to Emperor. The film concludes with Paul sending his army of Fremen warriors off Arrakis just after the Great Houses do not honor his claim to the throne. This leads Lady Jessica to proclaim that a Holy War is about to start as Paul’s Jihad ravages any House that does not honor their Lisan Al-Gaib.


How Many People Paul Atreides Actually Kills As Emperor In Dune

Paul’s rise to emperor is the climax of Dune: Part Two, however his reign sparks a single of the most blood-soaked periods in humanity’s history.

Dune Messiah does not cover this occasion, even though. The book picks up 12 years later, nicely just after the conclusion of Dune 2‘s Holy War. This creates a possible conflict in terms of what audiences anticipate to see in Dune 3 versus what the story could actually be. If Villeneuve sticks strictly to the contents of Dune Messiah, then the subsequent chapter of the story will fully stay clear of the actual events of the Holy War and the early days or years of Paul as Emperor. This feels like a missed chance for Dune 3 not to inform these stories.

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Dune 3 Should Adapt Parts Of The Paul Of Dune Book

Paul Of Dune Bridges The Gap Between Messiah

Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides in Dune Part Two

The very good news for Villeneuve is that there is additional material in the Dune universe to pull from when generating Dune 3 than just Messiah. This incorporates Dune books that discover various components of Paul’s life and the wider universe, such as the 12-year gap amongst Dune and Messiah. One of these more books is Paul of Dune, a 2008 novel written by Frank Herbert’s son Brian and Kevin J. Anderson. The book chronicled Paul’s youth and the War of Assassins, as nicely as the instant aftermath of him becoming Emperor and the Holy War that wages across the galaxy.

It is the latter elements of Paul of Dune that make it a compelling addition to Dune 3. Denis Villeneuve could use components of the established franchise canon to bridge the gap amongst Dune 2‘s ending and the major story that Dune Messiah tells. This would give Dune 3 an chance to incorporate additional war action scenes as Paul and his Jihad destroy any person who opposes his rule. Major plot points like Alia killing Lady Margot and Feyd-Rautha’s kid and Margot practically assassinating Paul could be pulled from Paul of Dune‘s pages and incorporated into Dune 3 then.

How Dune 3 Can Use Paul Of Dune’s Story To Enhance Messiah

Denis Villeneuve Can Still Use The Earlier Stories

Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides with a head covering in Dune: Part Two

By using elements of Paul of Dune, Denis Villeneuve can make Dune 3 an even higher and additional fleshed-out continuation of Paul’s life than Frank Herbert’s Dune Messiah was at the time. Showing Paul and his army forcefully take energy in the galaxy and dismantle his enemies performs straight in setting up the major conflict of Dune Messiah. It could also be a way to additional establish that Paul Atreides is a villain by this point in the story. Using Paul of Dune‘s material also could enable raise Irulan and Alia’s roles, all though bringing Lady Margot back into the mix.

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If Denis Villeneuve does have any interest in making use of Paul of Dune to make Dune 3, there are different solutions for how he could incorporate these components. An opening prologue could be completed that chronicles the events amongst Dune 2 and Dune 3. He could also use flashbacks to bring these scenes to life in a additional standard manner. Since Paul’s dreams and visions have been such a concentrate of the films, nightmares about what occurred in his previous could also be applied to bring in these components.

Any of these solutions present the chance for Dune 3 to enrich the anticipated story. Since the Paul of Dune book was written several years just after Dune Messiah, it was not component of what Frank Herbert initially designed and was created to function these connections. It is nevertheless an helpful piece of the wider universe that especially fills in gaps that could be additional pressing for a large-screen adaptation. Dune Messiah was in a position to get away with the time jump and stay clear of the Holy War, but Dune 3 does not have to have to, thanks to what Paul of Dune lays out.

Dune Part 2 Poster Showing Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides and Zendaya as Chani Holding Daggers

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