Every Person’s Mind & Emotions Shown In The Inside Out Movies


  • Inside Out 2 delves into Anxiety and how Riley navigates adolescence with new feelings taking handle.
  • Mom and Dad’s feelings play a important function in the motion pictures, impacting Riley’s understanding of her personal feelings.
  • The Cool Girl, Bree, and Grace give insight into the complexities of human feelings and relationships in Riley’s planet.



Warning: This write-up consists of spoilers for Inside Out 2.

Riley is the star of Pixar’s Inside Out franchise, but she’s not the only character whose thoughts and personified feelings are shown on-screen in the motion pictures. The Inside Out motion pictures have been praised for their deep understanding of the complexities of human psychology and emotional theory. The initial film carried the poignant message that Sadness, voiced by Phyllis Smith, plays a optimistic function in a healthier emotional state and should really be embraced, not avoided. Inside Out 2, on the other hand, offers audiences a roadmap for understanding and controlling Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke.

The concentrate of these motion pictures is on Riley’s thoughts. Both films have explored the approaches that her feelings have evolved as she’s gotten older. The initial film revolved about her early childhood and the sequel requires her by way of the messiness of adolescence. But Riley is just one particular of quite a few characters whose feelings have been featured in the Inside Out franchise. The motion pictures will sometimes dive into a further character’s head if it’ll serve the story (or just serve a wonderful gag). From Mom and Dad to Bree and Grace, a variety of other characters’ feelings have been shown in the Inside Out films.


Every Emotion In The Inside Out Movies Explained

The Inside Out films discover the 10 feelings inside Riley’s head that evolve all through the franchise as she grows up and her situations alter.

6 Cool Girl

The cool girl with dyed hair in Inside Out

At the finish of the initial Inside Out film, Riley began at her new college in San Francisco and looked about for possible new good friends. She felt intimidated by a cool girl – credited only as “Cool Girl” – who seemed confident and well-liked. The Cool Girl wears makeup and has her black hair dyed partly blue. This gag may possibly have inspired a storyline in Inside Out 2, simply because the precise similar factor (a streak of hair dye) produced Riley nervous about well-liked higher college hockey star Val Ortiz in the sequel.

When Riley initial spots the Cool Girl, Disgust is especially jealous of her style sense (simply because this was just before Envy was an emotion of its personal inside Riley’s thoughts). During the closing credits of the initial film, the camera swoops into the Cool Girl’s thoughts and reveals her feelings. These feelings appear just like the Cool Girl, with the similar eyeshadow appear, the similar coat, and the similar dyed hair. The Cool Girl’s feelings are played by a cameoing Rashida Jones in a entertaining parallel with her Parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poehler playing Riley’s Joy.

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The Cool Girl’s feelings reveal that the character is deeply insecure. She believes she’s a “fraud” and her Sadness laments that becoming cool is “exhausting.” Her psyche is dominated by her Fear, who worries that she’ll drop her recognition amongst the other students. This is far more than just a gag it is a poignant reminder that, deep down, every person is vulnerable and insecure – no matter how outwardly cool they seem.

5 Bree

Bree talks to Riley in Inside Out 2

Bree is one particular of Riley’s most effective good friends in Inside Out 2. Her feelings are noticed when the girls are on their way to hockey camp. Riley mentions that it would be wonderful if they all got to play on the similar group collectively subsequent year in higher college, at which point Riley’s Disgust notices “a look” on Bree’s face. Riley’s Disgust plays back the immediate replay and zooms in on Bree’s eyebrows, which produced a slight move when Riley pointed out going to the similar higher college. She straight away deduces that Bree is hiding a thing.

The camera then swoops into Bree’s thoughts to show her personal feelings worrying that Riley spotted their appear. Bree’s Disgust notices “a look” on Riley’s face and does her personal immediate replay to show that Riley’s eyes narrowed immediately after Bree’s eyebrows shifted. Bree’s Disgust deduces that Riley knows they’re hiding a thing. The standoff continues as Riley and Bree stare every other down and attempt not to reveal what they know about the other (which is futile when their respective Disgust feelings spot each and every small facial tic and analyze them in slow-motion).

4 Grace

Riley celebrates with Grace in Inside Out 2

While Riley and Bree are analyzing every other’s appears, their other most effective pal Grace sits in between them on the backseat, seeking uncomfortable. Unable to deal with the awkwardness, Grace blurts out that she and Bree will not be on the similar group as Riley subsequent year. Bree explains that she and Grace have been assigned to a distinctive higher college, so Riley will have to face higher college alone. This unexpected alter is what triggers the arrival of Anxiety in Riley’s thoughts. Although Grace’s feelings are not shown at the climax, her feelings are essential to the resolution of the film’s conflict.

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In the climactic sequence of Inside Out 2, Riley’s Anxiety gets the much better of her and, in her determination to woo Coach Roberts at the hockey game, she accidentally injures Grace and gets sent to the penalty box. There, she suffers from a panic attack as her Anxiety becomes a flustered whirlwind at the controls. Despite the injury, Grace’s feelings encourage her to come more than and see if Riley is okay, which assists her overcome the anxiousness attack and regain her sense of self. Grace’s feelings are the unsung heroes of Inside Out 2.

3 Mom

Mom's emotions in Inside Out

Riley’s mom’s feelings have been featured in each Inside Out motion pictures. In the initial film, Sadness is shown to be Mom’s dominant emotion (in the similar way that Joy is Riley’s dominant emotion). This could be noticed as a dark revelation about Mom’s emotional state, or it could just be noticed as foreshadowing for the movie’s ending. By the finish of the film, Riley will embrace Sadness and comprehend its optimistic function. Riley’s mom’s thoughts shows that she currently came to that realization. In the sequel, Mom’s Anger – voiced by Girls5eva’s Paula Pell – is shown to be her dominant emotion.

Mom’s Anger has a lot of wry one particular-liners about Riley’s teen angst and her refusal to open up. When the Inside Out sequel was confirmed to introduce new feelings into Riley’s thoughts, eagle-eyed viewers have been rapid to point out that Riley’s adult parents didn’t have any additional feelings. The sequel incorporates a nod to this supposed plot hole when Riley comes back from camp and refuses to go into any detail about how it went. Mom’s Anxiety comes into the Headquarters from the back of her thoughts to be concerned about Riley, and the other feelings say, “Welcome back, Anxiety.

2 Dad

Dad's emotions in Inside Out

Riley’s dad’s feelings have also been featured in each Inside Out motion pictures. Like quite a few dads, Riley’s dad’s feelings are dominated by Anger. The film has produced a lot of references to the truth that guys are a lot much less in touch with their feelings than girls. Riley’s dad’s feelings are shown to be complacent and ignorant. In the initial film’s dinner scene, when Mom tries to engage Dad in a meaningful conversation about Riley’s feelings, his feelings are kicking back and watching a game. They all of a sudden have to perk up and pretend they have been paying consideration.

At the finish of Inside Out 2, when Riley tells her parents that hockey camp was “good” without the need of elaborating any additional, her mom’s feelings freak out. They be concerned that there’s a thing their daughter didn’t inform them, or that a thing undesirable occurred and she does not want to speak about it. But Riley’s dad’s feelings are way far more chill about the entire factor. One of them initially panics that she just stated camp was “good,” but then all the other feelings concur, “Yeah, that sounds about right,” just before going back to idly watching the game.

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1 Riley

Riley Andersen about to take the ice in her hockey gear in Inside Out 2

Of course, the character whose feelings are the most crucial in the Inside Out universe – and the character that the whole saga revolves about – is Riley. In the initial film, Riley’s thoughts was controlled by 5 crucial feelings: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. The conflict of the film kicks off when Joy and Sadness are whisked away from Headquarters, leaving Anger, Fear, and Disgust in charge at a essential point in Riley’s life. As she tries to adjust to a massive alter, Riley does not have her Joy or Sadness to support her by way of it.

Throughout the film, Joy and Sadness go on an remarkable adventure to get back to Headquarters. By the time they get there, Joy has come to appreciate the optimistic function that Sadness plays. While Riley is missing her old property and the good friends she left behind, Sadness could seriously support her. When they return to Headquarters, Joy hands all of Riley’s core memories to Sadness, so she can colour these memories with melancholy and enable Riley to method her sadness in a healthier way.

Then, in Inside Out 2, when Riley turns 13, 4 new feelings arrive in Headquarters to wrestle the steering wheel away from Joy: Envy, Ennui, Embarrassment, and the loudest of all the new feelings, Anxiety. After Joy challenges Anxiety’s newfound leadership, Anxiety has Riley’s 5 original feelings actually bottled up and locked away in a vault. Anxiety would then devote the rest of the film ostensibly attempting to support Riley with the most destructive concepts imaginable. By the finish of the sequel, Riley has managed to wrap her head about Anxiety and handle its adverse effects.

Inside Out is a distinctive type of Pixar franchise. Previous Pixar motion pictures had utilised speaking toys, friendly monsters, anxious fish, and suburban superheroes as metaphors to discover touching themes and storylines. But in Inside Out, the metaphors are the story. It was a risky endeavor, but Pixar has now pulled off the impressive feat of literal emotional storytelling twice.

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