eight Under Deck Season 11 Cast Members Who Will Probably By no means Return To The Show


  • Drama reigns on Under Deck season 11, with cast members like Kyle, Barbie, and Ben stirring up difficulty and causing tension.
  • Crew members’ actions, like Chef Anthony’s firing and Dylan’s rule-breaking antics, may possibly lead to their exclusion from future seasons.
  • Relationships, such as the adore triangle involving Sunny, Ben, and Camille, as properly as Barbie’s clashes with Fraser and Xandi, add to the show’s drama.



Under Deck season 11 is properly underway, and there are some cast members who are unlikely to return, offered their functionality in the present season. Captain Kerry Titheridge took more than for the consummate Captain Lee Rosbach aboard superyacht St. David, and although he’s verified himself to be an helpful captain, some of his crew members have fallen brief. Whether or not these Under Deck season 11 cast members have a penchant for drama, an inability to do their job, or are just uninteresting to watch, right here are eight who may well not return.

The Under Deck season 11 cast is rife with drama as the season continues to unfold. Kyle Stillie and Barbie Pascual not too long ago hooked up, and a new chef, Nick Tatlock, joined the crew to replace Chef Anthony Iracane. Ben Willoughby’s drama with Camille Lamb brought on difficulties with Sunny Marquis, with whom he ended points. New Under Deck Chef Nick failed to impress Captain Kerry, and Ben Willoughby confronted Barbie about her fling with Kyle. All collectively, the cast is a mess. Some of this profoundly problematic cast are probably not to return.


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Sunny Marquis

She’s Caught In A Like Triangle

Sunny serves as Lead Deckhand on St. David immediately after receiving promoted this season by Ben Willoughby. And although the Deckhand is quite very good at her job, she may well not want to return, offered the present drama unfolding with Ben. Regardless of possessing more than a year of yachting knowledge, the deckhand may well want to leave the cameras behind simply because of Ben and the adore triangle onboard.

Ben undoubtedly made a stir by ending his casual partnership with Sunny to pursue his ex, Camille, who starred in Under Deck season ten. Ben admitted to feeling a spark with her that he hadn’t seasoned with Sunny and posted about Camille on social media just before breaking the news to Sunny. The Lead Deckhand was understandably upset, and as an alternative of speaking points by means of, Ben decided to finish points with Sunny. Hopefully, Sunny moves previous this and returns to the show, but it may well be as well a great deal for the new cast member.

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Dylan De Villiers

He Tries Also Challenging To Be Dramatic

Dylan De Villiers’ drama has been rampant all through the season, but his newest encounter may well be a step as well far for him to get invited back for subsequent seasons of Under Deck. Dylan admitted to hooking up with a guest, and although flirtation and hookups with guests have occurred across different seasons and spin-offs of the franchise, most notably with Kyle Viljoen, it is against the guidelines. Captain Kerry likes to run a tight ship and retain professionalism, and engaging in romantic activity with a guest goes against his values.

Under Deck
crew members are not permitted to engage romantically with guests.

Dylan’s previous behavior of fanning the flames of drama by means of the season and hooking up with a guest suggests that he may possibly not return to Under Deck in the future, in particular offered the show’s emphasis on preserving professionalism and avoiding romantic entanglements with guests. Even so, he’s a step up from Jared Woodin, whom he replaced immediately after the original bosun’s firing.

Kyle Stillie

Kyle had the opposite trouble of lots of Under Deck cast members: he did not bring sufficient to the show. Arguably, the most fascinating factor Kyle has performed in Under Deck season 11 is hook up with Barbie, who is now torn amongst her feelings for Kyle and her obligation toward her loved ones, in particular her father. The stew was initially hesitant due to her aversion to boatmances, but the pair ultimately hooked up in season 11, episode 13.

As Barbie and Kyle’s friendship and flirtation deepened, Kyle became a additional prominent figure in the show. The undeniable chemistry amongst them suggests that their attraction may possibly lead to additional developments, like a dramatic conversation amongst Ben and Barbie relating to their hookup. Though Kyle is at the center of a present onboard drama, he remains a somewhat uninteresting character in his personal regard in the show. It would not be surprising if he weren’t invited back.

Chef Anthony Iracane

He Was Fired By Captain Kerry

Through Under Deck season 11, Captain Kerry fired Chef Anthony due to issues about his functionality, in particular immediately after getting a low tip from some guests. Regardless of acknowledging Anthony’s culinary expertise, Captain Kerry felt he was going south quick and not increasing to the occasion. Anthony, taken aback by the choice, claimed it was his 1st time getting fired and struggled to course of action it. Captain Kerry explained that he produced the choice for the team’s morale, as the crew had began to notice Anthony’s functionality troubles.

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Regardless of the crew’s sadness more than Anthony’s departure, the firing seemed unfair. Previous seasons showed crew members assisting chefs throughout dinner service, which could have produced a distinction for Chef Anthony. There have undoubtedly been way worse chefs on Under Deck. Even so, it is unlikely he will ever return, offered his firing.

Barbie Pascual

Fraser And Xandi Could possibly Drive Her Off The Yacht

Aside from her boatmance with Kyle, Barbie may well be driven to quit just before the finish of the charter. Barbie has discovered it difficult to match in with the crew, in particular Fraser. Tensions amongst Barbie and Fraser have reached a fever pitch, with Xandi playing into their feud. Regardless of Barbie’s robust perform ethic, Fraser has been vocal about disliking the stew. Their personalities clash, and in spite of efforts to resolve their variations, they struggle to uncover widespread ground.

Fraser and Xandi continued to gang up on Barbie, creating her really feel isolated and prepared to quit.

The scenario worsened when Cat Baugh left the crew. With the workload escalating and the absence of Cat, tensions heightened. Fraser and Xandi continued to gang up on Barbie, creating her really feel isolated and prepared to quit. Regardless of the challenges, Barbie has verified herself to be a hardworking stew. Regardless of this, Fraser continues to accuse Barbie of insubordination. Though her newest struggles involved regardless of whether to engage in a boatmance with Barbie, it appears her 1st season will be her final. She can also run property to her wealthy father and does not need to have to maintain this job.

Cat Baugh

She Is not Suited To Yachting Life

In contrast to crew members who have been fired, Cat chose to leave the St. David of her personal accord. Cat struggled with adjusting to her part on the yacht due to emotional trauma stemming from her previous. She revealed to Chief Stew Fraser Olender that she had been in foster care as a teenager immediately after her parents passed away, which led to her getting separated from her biological brother. Cat’s emotional struggles impacted her functionality on the boat, as she struggled with housekeeping and dinner service tasks.

Regardless of Fraser and Xandi’s efforts to train her, Cat seemed unhappy and disconnected from the rest of the crew. In what just about seemed like an excuse, Cat received a get in touch with from a buddy dealing with a critical individual problem back property. Understanding the situation’s urgency, Cat expressed her need to have to leave quickly. Captain Kerry prioritized Cat’s mental overall health and arranged for her to leave the boat. Provided her lack of adjustment to life on the yacht, it is unlikely Cat will return.

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Jared Woodin

He Was Fired By Captain Kerry

Jared may possibly have brought more than a decade of knowledge to Under Deck season 11, but Captain Kerry nevertheless unceremoniously fired him. However for Jared, his time on the show took an unexpected turn when he was dismissed following a heated interaction with deckhand Kyle Stillie close to the hot tub. Prioritizing the yacht’s conduct requirements, Captain Kerry swiftly produced the choice, which means Jared had barely begun his tenure on the boat.

Fired cast members have a tendency to have a poor trajectory for returning to Under Deck for future seasons. Additionally, Captain Lee shared he would’ve fired Jared earlier than Captain Kerry did, noting that Jared’s troubles had been ongoing all through the season. The episode featuring Jared’s firing was specifically memorable, as it highlighted his custody troubles and struggles to meet the yacht’s higher expectations. It also clearly painted a image of why he will not be returning.

Ben Willoughby

He’s Been Problematic For Two Seasons

There are a lot of indicators Ben may well ultimately get fired on Under Deck season 11. Even so, he’s a single of the problematic crew members nevertheless holding on for dear life. His partnership with Sunny brought on continuous drama, amongst his flirting with Paris and Xandi and his ditching of the deckhand to reconnect with his ex, Camille.

Ben’s future on the show appears uncertain due to his extended history of problematic behavior.

He previously appeared in season ten, exactly where he engaged in a boatmance with Camille, causing crew tensions. Now, he appears poised to repeat his exact same errors. Regardless of his knowledge, Ben’s disrespectful and unreliable conduct raises doubts about his suitability as a deckhand. Whether or not he gets fired or quits remains to be observed, but the Under Deck season 11 cast member is hanging on by a thread.

Below Deck Poster

Under Deck is a Reality tv series and franchise that has observed lots of spinoffs because its creation in 2013. The original series follows the lives of a crew that lives on a Superyacht referred to as Honor and chronicles their experiences throughout “charter season.”

Lee Rosbach , Kate Chastain , Eddie Lucas , Rachel Hargrove , Ben Robinson , Ashton Pienaar , Fraser Olender , Rhylee Gerber

Release Date
July 1, 2013


Streaming Service(s)
Bravo , Peacock

Mark Cronin

Mark Cronin

Under Deck

season 11 airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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