All eight Netflix Original Western Films, Ranked

Whilst the Western utilized to be a single of the most prevalent and beloved genres of film, it has largely fallen out of favor, replaced by the extra classic action blockbuster and other notable filmmaking trends. Alas, this alter hasn’t stopped a pick couple of studios from sometimes going against the grain and releasing a Western in the modern day film climate a single of the most prominent studios to do so is Netflix. Thanks to Netflix’s practically limitless sources and capabilities concerning its original content material, they are a single of the couple of studios to have constantly released Westerns on its platform.



There are not practically as a lot of Westerns on the streamer compared to other genres. Having said that, the couple of that are there are effortlessly some of the most iconic and defining Westerns of the digital age. Not all of them are of higher good quality, specifically contemplating streaming’s general iffy track record. Nevertheless, the peaks that some of Netflix’s original Westerns have accomplished are a testament to the genre’s enduring appeal, even if some of its other efforts rank amongst the all-time worst films to ever premiere on a streaming service.

eight ‘The Ridiculous 6’ (2015)

Directed by Frank Coraci

Tommy, sitting by a horse and looking serious in The Ridiculous 6
Image by way of Netflix

Whilst each other Netflix original Western film ranges from terrific at greatest to passable or even underwhelming at worst, The Ridiculous six is a blatantly terrible viewing practical experience. The film is a single of a lot of collaborations in between Netflix and Adam Sandler, and sees the beloved actor as a roaming cowboy looking for his mysterious step-brothers across the countryside immediately after his lengthy-lost outlaw father returns.

The majority of Sandler’s other comedic outings more than the years, even the ones that have aged the worst, can largely be chalked up to getting dependent on the audience’s reluctance to his signature style of humor. Having said that, The Ridiculous six is a painful spit in the face of the art of comedy, even to Sandler’s most die-difficult of fans. It requires the standard archetypes and conventions of Westerns and comedies and creates a bare-bones, laughless, obnoxious disappointment that focuses extra on excruciating and problematic caricatures more than something else.

7 ‘Paradox’ (2018)

Directed by Daryl Hannah

Acting as a parallel film to Neil Young‘s eponymous album, Paradox follows a group of western outlaws hiding higher in the mountains and away from the law. Whilst the hours pass and the group searches the mountain variety for treasures, they await for the complete moon to bless them with magic and music, producing an unforgettable practical experience. The story is unimportant in the grand scheme of points, as the film acts extra as an extended, function-length music video for the album.

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Audiences’ enjoyment of Paradox is heavily reliant on their enjoyment and passion for Neil Young’s artistry. Certainly, the film acts as a cinematic extension of the then-most recent chapter of his legendary nation music profession. In terms of filmmaking, Paradox employs a lot of Western symbols and tonal selections, producing for a strange and chaotic blend of cinematic visuals and nation music. Its execution definitely has each fans and detractors, but it really is distinctive adequate to definitely be worth a watch.

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six ‘The Killer’ (2017)

Directed by Marcelo Galvão

Not to be confused with the current David Fincher and Michael Fassbender film, 2017’s The Killer is a Brazilian action Western that follows the reclusive Cabeleira. Living in the lawless and ungovernable badlands, Cabaleira sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind the fate of his father, transforming into a terrifying gunman in the approach. As Cabeleira learns extra and gets closer to the truth, he leaves an growing quantity of bodies in his wake, earning him a reputation as the most feared man in the West.

It really is usually compelling and exciting to see international cultures take their spin on Westerns, a notoriously American genre. However, The Killer has a fantastic understanding of the conventions and power of a gritty, cutthroat revenge Western. Lead actor Diogo Morgado is the highlight of the film, undertaking an exceptional job bringing a level of ferociousness and tenacity to the major part. The Killer isa exciting, underrated watch for these searching for extra action in their Westerns, with the only downside getting its fairly generic story.

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five ‘Thar’ (2022)

Directed by Raj Singh Chaudhary

A young soldier sitting on a table looking pensive in Thar
Image by way of Netflix

Thar is an Indian crime thriller Neo-Western that follows Harshvardhan Kapoor as Siddharth, a mysterious lone wolf who finds himself at the center of a hazardous predicament in a remote village in the Thar Desert. He quickly teams up with nearby cop Surekha Singh (Anil Kapoor), who has been initiating an investigation into some mysterious killings that have drastically impacted the village.

A single of the greatest Indian action thrillers on Netflix, Thar combines the classic themes of revenge and crime that are frequent in Western films with a dynamic and thrilling core mystery that assists set it apart from other people. The father-son acting duo of Anil and Harshvardhan Kapoor function wonders, and it really is very satisfying to see the father and son’s instinctual partnership and on-screen dynamic. Thar requires a extra modern day and modern method to a Western story, producing a compelling and thrilling modernization of the genre.

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four ‘Concrete Cowboy’ (2020)

Directed by Ricky Staub

Harp and Cole riding horses and looking ahead in Concrete Cowboy
Image by way of Netflix

A heartwarming modern coming-of-age story, Concrete Cowboy follows Cole, a rebellious teenager sent off to reside with his estranged father for the summer season. In an work to come across a way to bond with his son, Harp (Idris Elba) shows Cole the unexpectedly potent and tight-knit neighborhood of Philadelphian Black cowboys who have kept the streets protected and refuse to let the lessons of the West die off. Cole quickly starts to get a liking and understanding for his father’s unorthodox neighborhood, understanding the value and strength hidden inside himself.

Concrete Cowboy gets a lot of mileage out of its premise, blendingthe aesthetic and power of a classic Western cowboy with a potent coming-of-age story and father-and-son drama. The exceptional duo of lead performances from Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin tends to make the film an exceptional watch, as their ever-evolving connection and connection realistically evolves and grows all through the film. Additional Westerns should really inform intimate stories like this a single.

Concrete Cowboy

Release Date
September ten, 2020

111 minutes

Ricky Staub , Dan Walser

three ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’ (2018)

Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen

Buster Scruggs riding a horse across a desert while playing the guitar in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
Image By way of Netflix

A critically acclaimed and broadly beloved anthology film from the legendary Coen Brothers, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs tells a collection of quirky, darkly comedic stories set in the Wild West. They variety from the final hours of a legendary sharp-shooting songster and the awkward failures of a wannabe bank robber to the hardships of a duo of traveling performers and a mysteriously haunted carriage ride.

The comedic tendencies and style of the Coen Brothers lend themselves completely to the anthology format, enabling their signature directorial voices to shine with Western flair. Whilst each and every vignette is person and separate from a single yet another, there is a choice of overarching themes and tonal selections that make the package a distinct and helpful cinematic practical experience. It really is not possible for the viewer to not come out the other side of the film getting not fallen in adore with at least a single of the poignant and hilarious stories getting told in the film.


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Release Date
November 9, 2018

133 minutes

Joel Coen , Ethan Coen

two ‘The Tougher They Fall’ (2021)

Directed by Jeymes Samuel

The cast of The Harder They Fall posing for a picture.
Image by way of Netflix

Simply what could be deemed the most quintessential and helpful Western of the 2020s so far, The Tougher They Fall follows outlaw Nat Appreciate (Jonathan Majors) on a quest for revenge. Immediately after hearing the news that the man who killed his parents, Rufus Buck (Idris Elba), has been released from captivity, he rallies his gang with each other to ultimately get revenge on the man who has loomed and haunted him for so lengthy.

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The Tougher They Fall tells a classic, attempted-and-correct Western story with the conviction and potent stylistic selections of the modern day day, weaving with each other a gorgeous mesh of style and thematic resonance into a grand final solution. There are a lot of elements to adore right here, from its distinct directorial voice of Jeymes Samuel to its potent and dynamic villain performances that elevate the film as a complete. The Tougher They Fall is effortlessly a single of the most iconic and memorable Westerns of the 2020s and the whole 21st century so far.

The Harder They Fall Film Poster

The Tougher They Fall

Release Date
November three, 2021

139 Minutes

Jeymes Samuel , Boaz Yakin

1 ‘The Energy of the Dog’ (2021)

Directed by Jane Campion

Phil Burbank holding a paper flower in 'The Power of The Dog'
Image by way of Netflix

A critically acclaimed and award-winning deconstruction and assimilation of the core values of the Western as a complete, The Energy of the Dog is a a single-of-a-sort film that absolutely rewrites the genre. The film follows hardheaded rancher Phil Burbank (Benedict Cumberbatch), who has lived huge for his whole life and created a point to inspire worry and awe in all these about him. Having said that, his worldview starts to gradually crumble about him immediately after his brother brings house a new wife and her son, producing an unexpected void and a new likelihood at companionship.

A single of the largest tenets of Western filmmaking is its emphasis and concentrate on masculinity and toughness, producing the execution and breaking down of these attributes in The Energy of the Dog so potent. The film does a masterful job of redirecting and dismantling the barriers set by the genre’s conventions in a deeply layered and multifaceted story that lends itself to a close to-infinite level of interpretations. The Energy of the Dog is also a single of Netflix’s most prosperous films awards-sensible, earning 12 Academy Award nominations as nicely as a monumental Finest Director win for Jane Campion.

power of the dog poster

The Energy of the Dog

Release Date
November 17, 2021

125 minutes

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