Bad Shabbos Team Talks Meet The Parents & My Big Fat Greek Wedding Inspirations


  • Bad Shabbos blends comedy and suspense seamlessly, turning a household dinner into chaos right after a guest’s death.
  • Director Daniel Robbins infuses horror components into comedy, inspired by classics like Meet The Parents.
  • Stars Kyra Sedgwick and Cliff Smith bring genuine heart and humor to their roles, elevating the film’s comedic stylings.



A household comes with each other for Shabbat dinner in Bad Shabbos, which just premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, such as David and his lately-converted-to-Judaism fiancée Meg. While the greatest stress of the evening is initially introducing Meg’s parents to David’s household, points take a turn when a single of the guests dies. Questions of accident or murder permeate the air as the evening devolves into chaos as the household tries to figure out what to do.

Bad Shabbos walks a delicate line in between outlandish comedy and suspense-filled tension by combining the household comedy genre with components of a thriller story. Daniel Robbins helmed this project each as the co-writer, with Zack Weiner, and director, bringing his horror encounter into play with the comedy style inspired by classics like Meet The Parents. Bad Shabbos boasts a star-studded cast led by Kyra Sedgwick (The Summer I Turned Pretty), Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Jon Bass, Milana Vayntrub, David Paymer, and Meghan Leathers, every single of whom brings genuine heart and outstanding comedic timing to their performances.


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Screen Rant interviewed Bad Shabbos director Daniel Robbins along with stars Kyra Sedgwick and Cliff “Method Man” Smith. Robbins explained how his encounter with horror influenced him and the style of comedy he was inspired by. Sedgwick shared how her character is diverse from other individuals she has played in the previous, although Smith revealed why his character has such a powerful bond with the household.

Bad Shabbos Was Inspired By Meet the Parents &amp My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Robbins revealed which iconic comedies influenced him when crafting the comedy style for Bad Shabbos. He also shared what inspired the twist that requires this film from a classic comedy and adds the layer of tension with the death that motivates every single selection this household tends to make.

Daniel Robbins: The target going into it was to make a comedy that felt like the comedies I watched expanding up. Meet the Parents,
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
, these varieties of motion pictures that have quite, quite tight scripts, massive laughs, heart, and show and genuine subculture. We just believed if we could take that form of film and give it a thriller engine, which just adds so considerably tension and craziness, that if it can somehow click with each other and then somehow it did, then we got the very best cast feasible.

Kyra Sedgwick: We got the very best cast feasible since he wrote a good script. It was like undeniably good.

Daniel Robbins: Zack [Weiner], the co-writer as well, and Adam [Mitchell] the producer, all helped with that script. It’s good that they study it since most actors do not definitely study scripts any longer, but they study it and believed in this project, even although all I produced prior to this was a low spending budget horror film. So it shows tremendous inventive conviction from the each them.

Cliff Smith: And faith.

Kyra Sedgwick: Yeah, that is proper. It’s all faith, proper? I imply, you just got to close your nose and just jump in the pool. You just hope for the very best, but you by no means know. You by no means, by no means know.

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Kyra, what drew you to Ellen and how does she stand out from other characters you have played in the previous?

Kyra Sedgwick: Well, I do not believe I’ve ever played a Jewish mother per se. And such a Jewish mother in every single way, just no holds barred. I loved her conviction about tradition and how extremely essential that felt to her. I loved how considerably she cared about her household and required her household close. I completely can relate to the notion that no one’s fantastic adequate for your kid, ever. She produced me laugh.

The complete factor produced me laugh and I enjoy that she discovered some thing in the piece. On prime of all the other points that the film is, she has an arc, a good arc exactly where she’s like, God, I’ve been sort of challenging on this girl and I definitely do not will need to be. She’s beautiful and we really should be so fortunate. She is a member of the household. She does not will need to jump by way of any far more hoops. I just loved her to pieces. I believed she was good.

Cliff, I enjoy Jordan so considerably. Can you speak to me about why he’s so ride or die for this household?

Cliff Smith: I enjoy Jordan as well. I believe specifically in the service sector, when men and women show kindness to somebody, that is generally off the radar to men and women far more upper echelon, it types a bond since you can see that even although the two bodies are in diverse scenarios, they meet a frequent ground with enjoy, friendship, honor, loyalty. Once you see this film, you will see how this household operates. Who would not enjoy a household like this?

Horror Helped Daniel Robbins “Get A Sense Of Tightness And Pace And Energy” To Inform Bad Shabbos

Bad Shabbos family dinner

Robbins broke down how his encounter with horror helped his method to comedy with Bad Shabbos. He noted how a lot of comedies “can drift” and he wanted the pacing to have that powerful engine with constructing tension and a tight script that the pacing of horror helped him to prepare.

Kyra Sedgwick: Such a wise factor to say, by the way, wow, we’re all quite impressed down right here. Okay, answer. Come up with a fantastic adequate answer to match that query.

Daniel Robbins: I believe that horror definitely, you get a sense of tightness and pace and power that inform this comedy. Where I really feel like a lot of comedies now type of drift and this has a definitely powerful engine. You’re proper that they are quite equivalent exactly where there is a lot of constructing tension and timing, but the major distinction is that in comedy you will need fantastic timing with the very best functionality in the planet. Somehow they pulled it [off]. They get a plus laughs, which are quite uncommon. That comes from mixture each.

Cliff Smith: He’s quite humble.

Kyra Sedgwick: Exactly, precisely. No, he definitely is.

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Kyra and Cliff, is there a moment you every single type of keep in mind when a scene companion definitely knocked out of the park and type of helped pretty much elevate your personal?

Kyra Sedgwick: I’m going to take that a single 1st. Because every single single fricking factor [Cliff] did, I was like, Are you kidding? I’ve usually respected him as a performer and an actor, but this type of stylized comedy there is just a quite little target it feels like to me. I do not know if you really feel that way, but I do believe that comedy is tougher than drama. I just believe it really is a smaller sized target, and this piece is quite stylized, like bam, bam, bam. It’s quite like Billy Wilder, Frank Capra type of dialogue to me and for men and women to nail it, it was surprising to me. I just had no concept that he could be that fricking funny. I was dead. I was dying.

I imply, it was definitely difficult to function with it truly, since it was like all I wanted to do was laugh and just mouth agape like, Oh my God, this is the most unbelievable factor I’ve ever observed. And he’s adorable beyond, and you just enjoy the character so considerably. But the moment you ask for a moment, and I’ll say the moment is when he comes in and requires the household to college with this fantasy of this character, the dead Benjamin. I imply, you happen to be just sitting there and it was a good moment.

Cliff Smith: For me, meeting this lady [Kyra] was 1st and foremost, good individual, enjoy her. Everyone was just so A game. It took a handful of days, but I imply-

Kyra Sedgwick: Everyone had to be on their A game.

Cliff Smith: It just felt so genuine and actual.

Kyra Sedgwick Taught Cliff Smith “How To Humble Yourself And Show Humility Around Others”

Bad Shabbos

Robbins also explained the casting procedure for Bad Shabbos, such as how uncommon it is to obtain actors prepared to study and take a possibility on a project. Smith shared how operating with Sedgwick inspired him to nevertheless discover and develop as an artist, noting her humility as a important inspiration.

Daniel Robbins: The casting procedure was me and Adam, the producer, we worked with, Seth White, Cody Beacon, Daniel Frankel, the casting directors. We produced a list of who would be the very best feasible men and women, assuming they’d say no, then you move on and they’d retain going down the list. And then they truly study the script and then just agreed to do it. So it was quite simple in there.

Kyra Sedgwick: Never takes place.

Daniel Robbins: Yeah, by no means takes place. It by no means takes place. Also you count on that after you get to set, they are quite higher caliber very best actors in the planet, but what tends to make these two specifically unique is that they are correct artists. Where Kira, you have been acting considering that you have been?

Kyra Sedgwick: 16

Daniel Robbins: And Cliff has been producing music for just as extended. So when they show up on set, they are not hunting, Oh, how can I be catered to? They’re present just attempting to make the very best art feasible. When they do that, the complete cast and crew just lock in. So when you watch this. It is total electrical energy that stems from the prime.

Cliff Smith: You function with somebody of Kyra’s caliber, man. It’s a massive finding out encounter as properly as exciting, specifically in in between scenes. It’s quite exciting, but it really is a massive finding out encounter on how to not just be present in the moment, but how to humble your self and show humility about other individuals.

Kyra Sedgwick: Oh my God, that is so good. I believe that is the very best compliment I’ve ever gotten. Not even kidding. Seriously, you attempt not to be an a–hole and in some cases it pays off. Sometimes men and women notice.

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Kyra, can you speak to me about how Daniel stands out as a director from other individuals that you have worked with prior to?

Kyra Sedgwick: Well, 1st of all, he wrote this good script. So I believe that you happen to be promptly type of enthralled and excited about somebody who sees the planet that way. Clearly he had a vision from the starting just on the web page. And then as quickly as we got to set and we saw, I imply for me, when I saw the lighting and I saw the framing options and stuff like that. I was like, Oh, okay, so he knows how to inform this story and also inform it visually. Honestly, what I felt the most in terms of path that I got from him was just pure joy and giggles on the other side. So considerably so that we could not use requires in some cases it really is as well loud.

I really feel like when notes did come in, they have been super precise. I believe in some cases when points are so powerful on the web page and you cast them properly, and you happen to be operating closely with your DP, there is not a ton of function you will need to do with the actors, honestly. So I believe it was a small bit right here and a small bit there, but mainly just building a protected, exciting, joyful atmosphere exactly where Matt, yeah, Matt definitely knew what was what he wanted when he required, and that was good. And we just had a good crew as well.

About Bad Shabbos

An engaged interfaith couple are about to have their parents meet for the 1st time more than a Shabbat dinner when an accidental death gets in the way.

Bad Shabbos

premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 10 and is presently awaiting distribution.

Source: Screen Rant Plus

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