‘Doctor Who’ Season 1 Evaluation

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  • The new season of
    Physician Who
    offers a fresh start off for the franchise, with a captivating storyline and dynamic new characters.
  • Ncuti Gatwa shines as the charismatic Fifteenth Physician, balancing whimsy with emotional depth in a spectacular efficiency.
  • The chemistry involving Gatwa and Millie Gibson as Physician and companion tends to make for compelling viewing.

Back in November, Physician Who bounded back onto our Television screens with 3 specific episodes to celebrate the franchise’s 60th anniversary. With the return of Catherine Tate and David Tennant, audiences have been treated to a short series of adventures that not only brought the 2005-2019 era of Physician Who to a satisfying conclusion, but also paved the way for anything new to commence.

Enter Ncuti Gatwa. In a shocking twist bi-generation, Gatwa’s Fifteenth Physician appeared alongside Tennant’s Fourteen. Now, immediately after sending his counterpart off to a peaceful retirement, Fifteen is back to set off on his personal series of outrageous adventures with Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson), the companion he met by coincidence in the 2023 Christmas specific, “The Church on Ruby Road.” With each other, the two will face space babies, the Beatles, aliens, and much more as they fight to hold the universe intact — all when getting endless entertaining traveling the stars.

Physician Who

The show follows the adventures of a Time Lord “The Doctor” who is in a position to regenerate, and the Doctor’s human pals. The Physician and companion’s journey by means of time and space in the TARDIS – a time-traveling ship shaped like a police box – saving the universe with a mixture of wit, bravery, and kindness.

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What Is ‘Doctor Who’ Season 1 About?

As this is the very first season of Physician Who created by each the BBC and Disney, it also serves as a soft reboot of sorts. Although the gap involving the eras is considerably shorter, this new season — no matter whether you get in touch with it Series 14 or Season 1 — serves as an entry point for new viewers, considerably like 2005’s Series 1, which rebooted the franchise with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.

Substantially of the very first episode of the new season serves as a primer on Physician Who as new viewers get an understanding of who the Physician is by means of the eyes of newcomer Ruby Sunday. Although it would be uncomplicated for this to really feel redundant to an audience who’s been watching the show for decades, Gibson and Gatwa make it vibrant and fresh as we get a greater sense of their dynamic when the uninitiated study about how the TARDIS operates, who the Physician is, and exactly where he’s from. There are also lots of Easter eggs for fans who’ve been about to choose up on and a depth to Gatwa’s efficiency that is only enriched by the Doctor’s attractive and tragic history.

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The very first two installments of the season retain Physician Who’s episodic nature, with every single sending the Physician, Ruby, and the TARDIS on a wild adventure by means of time and space. Having said that, selecting up the threads of the mystery surrounding Ruby Sunday, the new episodes set up an arc that will probably span each the very first and second seasons. Ruby’s parentage remains a mystery, with tiny clues dropped that will have audiences challenging at operate attempting to place with each other the puzzle pieces. Not only will you want to appear by means of every single frame for the tiniest specifics, but you will also want to listen closely as connections are created and sound, in specific, weaves the new episodes with each other in an intriguing way.

On best of that ongoing mystery, the new season starts to dig into the Doctor’s personal mysterious origin story, additional exploring the franchise-altering lore of “The Timeless Youngster.” In undertaking so, the globe of Physician Who has also expanded previous common aliens and monsters — even though there’s nonetheless lots about to be certain — but in terms of what’s doable, the 60th specials have actually blown the lid off, with these new episodes leaning even additional into the wild and wacky imagination of showrunner Russell T. Davies.

Russell T. Davies’ Return Infuses ‘Doctor Who’ With New Magic

Every era of Physician Who has its personal merits and every single has a choice of best-notch episodes that any one could make a case for as some of the show’s finest. That getting mentioned, Davies’ very first 4 seasons are arguably looked back at with the most nostalgia, and fans of that initial run are bound to locate these new episodes a genuine delight. Although audiences for the series have ebbed and flowed more than the years — by means of no fault of the spectacular cast and crew of every single season — viewers who may well have drifted away will locate it uncomplicated to jump back in with Fifteen and Ruby. These who’ve happily consumed every single episode given that “Rose” will also locate the stories they loved nonetheless woven into the really fabric of the series. Davies adds a richness to the stories of the preceding era and stitches Fifteen’s journey to that of the previous Physicians, with the assist of Gatwa’s properly-researched efficiency. Nothing’s been glossed more than or ignored, in spite of not necessarily getting essential viewing for new audiences to hold up.

As he did in these early seasons — particularly Series four — Davies has developed a story that is every thing you want from Physician Who. The Physician and Ruby are giggling and creating jokes as typically as they are operating for their lives and going toe to toe with terrifying foes. There’s an inherent silliness and whimsy in Davies’ writing that tends to make it uncomplicated to choose up, but his finest operate is also laced with a deep properly of really like and loss. Every story will have fans laughing 1 moment and reaching for the box of Kleenex in the subsequent. In addition to the Physician and Ruby, Davies has crafted some amazing supporting characters in these episodes. With guest appearances from Golda Rosheuvel and Jinkx Monsoon, the new season of Physician Who is packed with powerhouse performers who every single bring their personal bit of magic to the story.

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Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson Are the Appropriate Duo for a New Era of ‘Doctor Who’

From the minute he bounded onto the UNIT rooftop in David Tennant’s underwear, Ncuti Gatwa has embodied the Physician. And with every single episode of the new season, it only becomes much more and much more clear how utterly fantastic he is for this function. Gatwa’s Physician is extremely charismatic and charming, often jumping from 1 factor to the subsequent in his excitement to show Ruby the stars. But what actually brings his efficiency to the subsequent level is his potential to accompany that campy sense of whimsy and joy with a deep sense of suffering and loss. Although the Physician is by no indicates an innocent creature per se, it is clear that they are often attempting to make the universe greater. Gatwa effortlessly jumps from emotion to emotion as he strives to see the shimmering beauty and hope in every single corner of the universe when also getting haunted by the factors he’s observed and accomplished. He balances humor and madcap joy with a depth of emotion that the Physician has often had but by no means actually been in a position to express to this extent.

Alongside him, Millie Gibson plays the Doctor’s fearless companion, Ruby Sunday. From the start off, Ruby is such a completely realized character in her personal ideal, and she impressively holds her personal opposite the wild and marvelous character that is the Physician. Gibson infuses every thing that she does as Ruby with really like and utilizes that to fuel her every single action, no matter whether it is jumping into danger to save a person else or undertaking anything as straightforward as deciding on exactly where to go on her adventures. Ruby’s bravery, gumption, and really like in her heart make her a fantastic companion.

Ruby’s selected loved ones is nonetheless really considerably a element of her story, and her background as an typical girl with an typical job and a little group of queer pals instantaneously tends to make her really feel really actual and relatable. And her heart of gold tends to make it uncomplicated to see why she’ll be just as considerably of a hero as the Physician in their numerous adventures. Davies’ writing tends to make heroes out of seemingly ordinary individuals simply because, in reality, ordinary individuals develop into heroes every single day. It renders a show as outlandish and fantastical as Physician Who much more grounded in our globe.

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With each other, Ruby and the Physician are a dynamic duo that I could watch travel the universe with each other for numerous seasons to come. Gatwa and Gibson have a vibrant and bubbly chemistry as properly as a level of deep trust in every single other that will have fans rooting for them at every single turn. These very first two episodes do a actually strong job of displaying how they operate with each other and why they’re drawn to every single other. Reminiscent of duos like Ten and Donna or Eleven and Amy, Ruby and Fifteen have an easygoing connection that tends to make them rapid pals. And when you can see the influence of these previous duos, Gatwa and Gibson are as opposed to any pair that has come just before, bringing their personal delightful spin to the show. Most importantly, they prove that there’s absolutely nothing greater than locating that particular person you can be in cahoots with 24/7.

These episodes kick off a new era of Physician Who that is vibrant and complete of possibility. With really like as its guiding principle, the new season is not afraid of having silly, scary, and a tiny bit critical — all inside the space of a single episode. Davies also returns at the best of his game, with a Physician and companion that we just can not assist but fall head more than heels for and an overarching mystery that will have fans eagerly awaiting every single new episode.


Physician Who

Physician Who gets an thrilling refresh with the new season, particularly thanks to its vibrant young stars, when also welcoming back old fans with strong writing from Russell T. Davies.


  • The new season serves as a fantastic entry point for new audiences with no turning away longtime fans.
  • Ncuti Gatwa tends to make an outstanding Physician with the variety to be each dazzling and devastating.
  • Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa have a vibrant chemistry that’ll hold audiences coming back for much more.

  • The campiness may well not be for absolutely everyone, and the mystery of Ruby Sunday could nonetheless go either way.

Physician Who Season 1 premieres with two back-to-back episodes on Disney+ on May well ten at 7 PM ET and on BBC iPlayer on May well 11 at 12 AM BST.

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