Face It, Ashley Eckstein’s Ahsoka Is Much better Than Rosario Dawson’s

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  • Ahsoka Tano has created into a beloved character more than the years, with Ashley Eckstein’s voice becoming synonymous with the character’s identity.
  • Ahsoka’s development and journey as a Jedi reflect the failures of the Jedi Order as a entire, and her selection to leave the Order is each justified and a demonstration of her rebellious nature.
  • Rosario Dawson’s portrayal of Ahsoka in reside-action lacks the identical charm and essence that Eckstein brought to the character, with the fighting style and character feeling off. On the other hand, there is hope for improvement in future seasons.

Ahsoka Tano hasn’t constantly been a fan-favored character. In truth, a lot of fans disliked her when she initially appeared in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars film. But as Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series went on, Ahsoka grew and created into a vibrant, courageous, and fascinating character to watch. And now, Ahsoka is beloved sufficient to get her personal self-titled show. She is not just a foil for Anakin but a way to reflect on the failures of the Jedi Order as a entire. And for more than a decade, Ashley Eckstein was the definitive voice of the character. From her initially look in The Clone Wars to the current Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, Eckstein’s voice characterized Ahsoka. But now that she’s lastly produced the jump to reside-action and Eckstein’s voice is switched out for Rosario Dawson, the character just does not hit the identical.

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Following the fall of the Galactic Empire, former Jedi Ahsoka Tano investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

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August 1, 2023

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Who Is Ashley Eckstein, and What Does She Imply to the Character of Ahsoka?

Eckstein is an actress who identified her stride in voice acting. From her initially look in The Clone Wars animated film, by means of the series, and into Star Wars: Rebels and beyond, her voice was synonymous with the character. Even in current years, she reprised the function for the beloved Season 7 of The Clone Wars, voiced her in a cameo in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, and came back once more for 2022’s Tales of the Jedi. Eckstein has been playing this function for nearly two decades and has turn into a extensively beloved figure in the Star Wars neighborhood for her appreciate and dedication to the character. When Star Wars is not the only point Eckstein has worked on, Ahsoka Tano is by far her longest-lasting and very best-identified overall performance.

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Why Fans Fell in Appreciate With Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano holding her blue lightsabers from 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'
Image by means of Lucasfilm

Ahsoka would not be the character we know and appreciate right now without the need of Eckstein, as her voice is how fans have identified the character for properly more than a decade. We commence with a young and overzealous Ahsoka — a padawan constantly finding in more than her head and providing Anakin a headache. She’s a exciting kid with a fantastic heart but has a lot to study. And watching her study is exactly where the audience begins to appreciate her, also. As Ahsoka grows as a individual and as a Jedi, she begins to comprehend the planet far more. She sees how the Jedi have failed, how the people today about her have been hurt by it, and also how they are an crucial force against the increasing tides of war. She is the emotional core of The Clone Wars, which is why most of the final season appears to concentrate on her. Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order completely when she is framed as a terrorist and realizes she can not abide by their teachings any longer. It really is a flawed institution, and rather than attempt and reside with it or repair it, she decides to do points her personal way. And she’s constantly been like that — it is what produced her such a difficulty youngster. But it is also sooner or later what tends to make her a wonderful leader.

What Is Rosario Dawson’s Version of Ahsoka Missing?

There are a lot of modifications that come with transitioning mediums. Rather than becoming designed by a group, Ahsoka now relies even far more on the overall performance of a single individual, and Dawson’s portrayal feels off from the character we’ve come to know and appreciate. She fights some droids in Episode 1 of Ahsoka, but the motion feels stiff. It lacks the playfulness and rogue movements that produced Ahsoka really feel distinct. She fights seriously, far more like a grizzled veteran than somebody who is scrappy and acrobatic. Ahsoka’s fights are some of the most exciting to watch for the reason that of this exclusive fighting style, but that just does not come across in Dawson’s fight scenes. Of course, it is hard to portray the identical animated fighting style in reside-action for clear causes, but it does not appear like Dave Filoni has attempted to translate her swordsmanship in the identical way.

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The vibe Ahsoka provides off has changed, also. When we catch up with her in Rebels, she undoubtedly acts far more mature. She is an adult and a spy by that point — but she constantly nevertheless has this air of kindness and mischief to her, no matter how considerably time has passed. The fight was a lot bleaker in these early days of the Rebellion, but her hope by no means wavered. Eckstein brought a softness to the character by means of her voice, which produced her really feel so human. She’s a leader, yes, but she’s also vulnerable. That vulnerability is not some thing we see in Dawson’s portrayal of Ahsoka. From her initially look on The Mandalorian till now, she’s seemed calm and competent. She does not joke about the identical way we’ve observed Ahsoka do in the previous. She’s considerably far more sullen, and even though the continual fighting can clarify some of it, the drastic adjust appears to be far more than just a consequence of time passing. Ahsoka nearly feels like a distinctive individual.

And it appears like a conscious option from Filoni to go for this far more aloof persona for the reason that Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) comes off a lot closer to her animated counterpart (aside from the entire Jedi point). She’s bombastic, a bit childish, and charismatic as hell, so when the two are juxtaposed, Ahsoka comes off even far more stiff. These are each characters with a deep sense of distrust in the institutions that raised them but a simultaneous need to see these institutions do greater. They have a lot of history in between them, with their failed padawan and master connection. But the awkwardness in between them tends to make Ahsoka really feel even far more distant, nearly ethereal. She feels like a Jedi Master on the council — and a Jedi is the final point Ahsoka would want to be. Her rejection of the Jedi Oder is fully justified and some thing she’s historically been capable to accept. She’s a rebel initially, but Dawson’s portrayal of the character appears stuck in these stuffy halls on Coruscant.

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Ashley Eckstein is the Definitive Ahsoka

Ahsoka with lightsaber standing back to back with clone trooper Rex
Image by means of Disney+

Eckstein was constantly going to come out with the benefit more than Dawson. In quite a few strategies, she is Ahsoka to quite a few people today. We do not want Rosario Dawson to be Ashley Eckstein’s Ahsoka we just want her to be Ahsoka. And in Season 1, she just did not very get it. In reside-action, Ahsoka’s also clean, also right, and also distant. Ahsoka is your pal — she’s been by means of a lot, but that hasn’t changed who she is fundamentally. At her core, Ahsoka is type, optimistic, and fantastic to a fault. She goes out of her way to support people today, even when they do not necessarily deserve it. Dawson plays Ahsoka like an action hero, but that is only a compact portion of the character. We appreciate her for her weakest moments just as considerably as when she is sturdy. Ahsoka‘s initially season is total, but with far more in improvement, hopefully, Filoni’s writing and Dawson’s overall performance can inject some far more of the character’s nuance in the seasons to come. But for quite a few people today, Eckstein will forever be the definitive version of Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka is streaming on Disney+ in the U.S.


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