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  • The Beekeeper plan is extremely secretive &amp recruits agents as a final line of defense.
  • Derek Danforth’s shady dealings go beyond phishing scams &amp entails CIA exploitation.
  • Adam Clay pursues Derek to avoid additional corruption due to his influence on vulnerable men and women.

The Beekeeper ends with Adam Clay killing a number of FBI and Secret Service in his hunt for Derek Danforth, who does not make it out alive. The action film, directed by David Ayer, stars Jason Statham as the titular beekeeper. A man on a mission, Clay tends to make it all the way to the White Property in his quest to avenge Eloise Parker. Hiding beneath a truck headed to the occasion President Danforth is hosting, Clay gets previous extremely educated agents to get in without having breaking a sweat. When inside, Clay confronts former CIA director Wallace Westwyld, and Eloise’s daughter Agent Verona Parker.

Inside the Oval Workplace, Josh Hutcherson’s Derek faces down his mother, who has found her son has been utilizing Danforth Enterprise’s information mining application to conduct phishing scams. Derek also employed dirty funds to fund President Danforth’s election campaign. Danforth is angry, and Derek makes use of the predicament to hold his mother at gunpoint and kill the deputy director of the FBI. Clay bursts into the area and shoots Derek in the head. Clay jumps out the window and tends to make it to the river, exactly where he’s got gear waiting for him. Parker, who has a clear shot, decides not to kill him.


The Beekeeper Assessment: Jason Statham Is In Major Kind In David Ayer’s Absurdly Entertaining Action Film

The Beekeeper could have a thin story, but Jason Statham is up to the activity when it comes to the brutal, engaging &amp even ridiculous action sequences.

Who Are The Beekeepers? Secret Agent Plan Explained

The Beekeepers operate off-grid

The Beekeeper plan is so secret that even Wallace Westwyld didn’t know about it for a although. The plan recruits agents to train as the final line of defense, and as a final resort. When all other agents and assets have been exhausted, the Beekeepers are offered the duty of guarding the beehive, and are offered sources to full their operate and to act on their personal judgment. The Beekeepers are anticipated to act in the beehive’s very best interests, although they can seemingly do so outdoors of CIA or FBI parameters.

Beekeepers are so extremely educated that they make specific forces and other bureau agents appear useless. It is unclear when the Beekeeper plan started, but it is been active in the shadows for a lengthy adequate time, with a Beekeeper’s identity wiped from the method so they cannot be located. They’re unsafe and, as Wallace tells Derek, “When a Beekeeper says you are going to die, you are going to die.” Clay and the rest of the Beekeepers operate on the fringes of the law, which indicates they’re capable of something.

The Beekeeper’s Derek Twist Explained

Derek was a lot extra involved in shady dealings than just scamming

Josh Hutcherson as Derek Danforth in a green suit in The Beekeeper

Derek had his hand in a lot extra scams than initially believed. When he was in the business enterprise of scamming frequent men and women, Derek was heading a firm that US government agencies — and the CIA, particularly — employed for their operate. Derek took benefit of the systems in spot to not only do his scamming job, but he employed the CIA plan to support his mother’s presidential campaign, assuring her victory. Derek employed dirty funds to fund her campaign, all without having her being aware of. Derek did not care about the guidelines, he cared about manipulating them at his will.

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What Josh Hutcherson Has Mentioned About The Beekeeper’s Derek Twist

Josh Hutcherson totally invested himself in the part of Derek, who was unhinged in his behavior and in his exploitation of other men and women. Although Derek did not feel he was carrying out something incorrect, and the method and men and women about him enabled him in numerous strategies, he was carrying out particularly problematic items. In an interview, Hutcherson discussed Derek’s Beekeeper ending twist, how he wanted it to be “grounded in reality” although enabling inventive license. Here’s what the actor had to say about the significant reveal:

The twist is good. I did not see that coming when I was reading the script, and when I got to that point, that informed me so a great deal about who Derek is. Recognizing that that individual is your mother and what that indicates about what your life is a pretty informative small nugget to Derek as a character inventive method.

Why Agent Parker Lets Adam Clay Escape At The Finish Of The Beekeeper

Parker wrestled with Clay’s actions all through The Beekeeper

Emmy Raver-Lampman aims to shoot in The Beekeeper

Verona Parker is adamant about going immediately after Adam Clay for the reason that, although she thinks he’s eventually suitable, there are laws to deal with such grievances. Parker eventually modifications her thoughts for the reason that Clay asks her to make a decision — among the law and justice. Offered the opportunity to ultimately catch him, Parker lets Clay escape for the reason that she sees his point of view, as nicely as what he’s attempting to do to make Derek spend. Clay is a vigilante acting outdoors the law and Parker is caught in the middle of carrying out what she’s normally believed was suitable and Clay’s brand of justice.

Agent Parker is the only a single who understood the causes behind Adam Clay’s actions.

Just about every Death In The Beekeeper’s Ending Explained

Adam and Derek dropped a lot of men and women at the finish

The Beekeeper’s ending has rather a couple of deaths, and items escalate, becoming increasingly chaotic as Derek’s schemes are uncovered. Just after Derek’s plan exploitation and dirty funds use is revealed, he kills FBI Deputy Director Prigg. Derek almost kills his personal mother, President Danforth, in a bid to guard himself, but Adam kills him very first. Prior to Derek’s death, Adam killed all of Wallace’s mercenaries, as nicely as Lazarus, their leader. The latter death took Adam a lot longer to full for the reason that Lazarus was a single of the couple of men and women who could go up against him in a fight.

The Beekeeper’s Character Deaths

Who Killed Them

FBI Deputy Director Prigg

Derek Danforth


Adam Clay


Adam Clay

Derek Danforth

Adam Clay

What’s Subsequent For President Danforth Just after Clay Kills Derek

President Danforth has a lot to feel about immediately after anything is revealed

Josh Hutcherson stares ahead in The Beekeeper

President Jessica Danforth was horrified immediately after Clay killed Derek. But just before Derek’s death, and prior to when he held her hostage, she stated she would reveal to the nation that her campaign funds was dirty. Danforth believed it was the suitable point to do, specially thinking of that she left her personal firm behind to run for president, and seemed to have some integrity (as opposed to her son). But now that Derek is dead, it is attainable she will not go by way of with it. The public will want to know the purpose behind Derek’s murder, and President Danforth could possibly use his death to stay away from additional scandal.

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The True Purpose Adam Clay Went Just after Derek Danforth

Clay could’ve stopped immediately after destroying the very first contact center

Jason Statham leaning on a car in The Beekeeper

Clay could have known as it a day immediately after setting the very first contact center, United Information Group, on fire. Just after all, it was United Information Group and its workers that scammed Eloise out of her funds, and taking it out of operation would have avenged her death. But when Clay discovered that there had been extra contact centers and that Derek owned them all, the Beekeeper knew he had to take him out to avoid additional corruption.

If Clay had only removed United Information Group from the equation, it wouldn’t have been a significant adequate hit on Derek’s business enterprise, and they would have continued scamming men and women from other contact centers. The reality that Derek was President Danforth’s son meant the queen bee had been compromised, and Clay had to take him out to guard the hive. Clay wouldn’t cease till Derek was killed — he was an infection that was affecting the most vulnerable men and women, and his influence had to finish.

Does Clay Get Eloise’s Dollars Back In The Beekeeper?

Eloise died for the reason that of a phishing scam, but that funds does not resurface

Even though Adam Clay goes on a revenge killing spree on behalf of Eloise, The Beekeeper does not confirm whether or not the titular character gets Eloise’s funds back from her scammers. Thinking about Eloise is dead and Clay burns the scamming centers, as nicely as kills Derek, it really is doubtful he was capable to retrieve anything Eloise had lost. Clay avenged her death by killing Derek and these who worked for him. It seemed less difficult than attempting to get the funds back — funds that was no longer going to be employed by Eloise.

How Adam Clay’s Ending Sets Up The Beekeeper two

There is certainly area for extra story immediately after Clay escapes

Jason Stathman as Mr. Clay in a scene from The Beekeeper.

Adam Clay managed to get in and out of the White Property without having getting killed (only a single of the mercenaries came close), so the reality that he escaped and will possibly be hunted even extra immediately after killing Derek is extra than adequate to set up The Beekeeper two. What’s extra, Parker let Clay escape at the finish of The Beekeeper, and it is attainable that she will either transform her thoughts about what she did and attempt to locate him once again, or figure out some way to group up with him for a further mission.

Now that the director of the FBI is dead, Parker could get promoted, and the story can go from there. At the time of this writing, a sequel to The Beekeeper has not been announced. Nonetheless, the action film has adequate worldbuilding and intrigue to continue in a sequel, if only to see what Jason Statham’s Clay gets up to subsequent, and how he will handle to stay away from getting caught immediately after such a higher-profile kill.

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What Jason Statham &amp David Ayer Have Mentioned About The Beekeeper two

With The Beekeeper’s ending leaving the door open for additional exploration into the beehive and its operations, as nicely as the reality that Adam Clay managed to escape, the film appears primed to be a franchise-starter. The Beekeeper’s box workplace achievement offers a prospective sequel a head get started. Speaking with Inverse, David Ayer expressed interest in continuing to discover the globe of The Beekeeper. Here’s what the director had to say about The Beekeeper two:

We cracked the door a small bit into the Beekeeper globe, and I would adore to study extra about them. I’m particularly curious: Exactly where do they come from? Who are they? How do they operate? What occurred in the method? Did it break? Did the Beekeepers break? Do we have to repair the Beekeepers? Who fixes the Beekeepers when the Beekeepers want fixing?

At the exact same time, Ayer and Statham are continuing to operate collectively, although it really is on a further action film alternatively of The Beekeeper two. When Statham hasn’t stated something about a Beekeeper sequel, Hutcherson (in the exact same interview as Ayer) chimed in about wanting to know “who founded the Beekeeper method and how numerous are there,” which would be intriguing as a central plot.

What The Beekeeper’s Ending Actually Implies

Clay not only went immediately after Derek, but he went immediately after the method

Jason Statham and Jeremy Irons face off in The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper is a revenge film on the surface, but the levels of corruption Clay uncovers showcase that no entity — no matter how very good their intentions could appear — is free of charge from duplicity. The film also reveals how these in energy can exploit the vulnerable for their personal gains and greed, as was exemplified by Eloise getting scammed out of her funds and charity earnings. Although Clay’s mission was individual, his want to guard the beehive stems from the notion of imbalance.

He was operating to suitable a incorrect, a single that was created all the extra alarming thinking of the man in charge of such heinous operations was the president’s personal son. What’s extra, Parker’s choice to let Clay to escape suggests she’s starting to query the limits of the law, as nicely as what is just. Each characters make unique moral judgments all through the film, and The Beekeeper asks which a single is eventually suitable. The film presents an fascinating conundrum relating to the way in which corruption and basic wrongdoing really should be approached, specially as it relates to its victims.

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