‘X-Guys ‘97’ Goes Back to Its Roots With the New (Old) Suits

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  • X-Guys ’97
    characteristics new costumes that spend homage to the team’s origins in Marvel comics.
  • The costumes reflect particular storylines in the X-Men’s history and reference classic appearances.
  • The show also pays homage to X-Guys animated projects and video games from the ’90s.

X-Guys ’97‘s newest episode has a extremely tongue-in-cheek line relating to the mutant heroes’ costumes when Cyclops (Ray Chase) tosses his son Cable (Chris Potter) a blue and yellow X-Guys uniform, the time-traveling soldier asks: “Am I going to war, or a circus?” Cyclops responds: “What did you count on, black leather?” This is an inversion of a equivalent line he mentioned in Bryan Singer‘s initial X-Guys film, and it is ironic provided how far the superhero genre has come as nicely as the truth that the X-Guys don new costumes. “Tolerance Is Extinction – Element two” sees the X-Guys split into two groups: Blue Group, led by Cyclops, travels to Asteroid M to confront Magneto (Matthew Waterson) when Gold Group, led by Storm, attempts to cease Bastion (Theo James) when and for all. Their new costumes are a nod to many points of the X-Men’s history, as nicely as a different X-Guys animated project.

The X-Men’s New Costumes Reflect Their Origins

X-Guys ’97 showcased the X-Guys gradually altering their costumes more than the course of Season 1 Storm (Allison Sealy-Smith) gained a new black suit through “Lifedeath – Element two” when Jubilee (Holly Chou) went out buying and picked up a new black bodysuit to go with her trademark yellow trenchcoat. The rest of the X-Guys have donned outfits that contact back to when they initial joined the group. Cyclops and Jean Grey (Jennifer Hale) are wearing the outfits they had back when they have been Charles Xavier’s initial students. Jean’s green and yellow minidress is a callback to her time as Marvel Girl.

Wolverine (Cal Dodd), Nightcrawler (Adrien Hough), and Storm are all wearing the uniforms they have been initial sporting through Giant-Size X-Guys #1 by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum this is the story that kickstarted the mighty mutants’ rise to prominence inside Marvel Comics, specially as Wein handed writing duties to Chris Claremont shortly afterward. Claremont crafted an epic run on the title, weaving epic storylines like The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Previous when honing in on the “mutants as minority” metaphor and transforming Magneto into an anti-hero of sorts.

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Jubilee and Cable’s costumes hold various origins. In Jubilee’s case, her new uniform is a reference to the time when she became a vampire. When the X-Guys briefly relocated to San Francisco, they came below attack from vampires, and a depowered Jubilee was transformed into a creature of the evening thanks to a vampire-engineered virus. She’d sooner or later regain her “firework” powers right after a battle with the mutant Emplate. Cable’s outfit pays homage to his look in Marvel VS Capcom two, exactly where he’s a playable character. The X-Guys have a lengthy history with Capcom games in the ’90s, so it is only organic that X-Guys ’97 continues to spend homage to that era.


ten Characters the X-Guys Motion pictures Wasted

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‘X-Guys ’97’ Pays Homage to ‘Pryde of The X-Men’

The X-Men’s new costumes are not just a treasure trove for comic fans. Former X-Guys ’97 showrunner Beau DeMayo revealed through a single of his “homework assignments” on Twitter that the show would spend homage to the Pryde of the X-Guys animated pilot. It featured the X-Guys – this time consisting of Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Dazzler, and Nightcrawler — battling Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants when also welcoming new student Kitty Pryde. Like X-Guys ’97 and X-Guys: The Animated Series, Pryde of the X-Guys drew heavily from Claremont’s run on the X-Guys comics. It was also directed by Larry Houston, who’d go on to direct quite a few episodes of X-Guys: The Animated Series and is a producer on X-Guys ’97.

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Pryde of the X-Guys also serves as the basis of an X-Guys video game from Komani, which got a shout-out in the X-Guys ’97 episode “Montendo”. When Jubilee and Sunspot (Gui Agustini) are trapped in a video game by Mojo, they wind up on Asteroid M – in a equivalent predicament to the final level of Konami’s X-Guys game. The X-Men’s costume adjustments are just a single of the quite a few strategies the X-Guys ’97 inventive group is paying homage to the history of the X-Guys.

X-Guys ’97 is obtainable to stream on Disney+ in the U.S., with the Season 1 finale premieres subsequent Wednesday.

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